6 Easy Parts To A Facebook Live Streaming FormulaToday in a webinar I learned the perfect parts to a successful Facebook Live Streaming Formula and wanted to share this with you.

The training was done with Jesse Dobeck, an expert in growing and monetizing your Facebook Fanpage.

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6 Easy Parts To A Facebook Live Streaming Formula

Facebook Live is on fire, and everyone is starting to use it.

You need to set yourself apart from all of the others then you need to use this 6 part Formula.

If you are just using FB Live for fun and sharing the lifestyle with your community then just have fun.

On the other hand, if you are using FB Live to build your business and fan base then you need this formula.

So, if you are a business builder stay tuned for the secret.

Facebook Live Streaming Formula – The Parts

Okay, here are the easy parts to your new Facebook Live Streaming Formula.

1.   Welcome and Topic Tease

At the beginning of your Live Streaming you want to Introduce yourself, Welcome the viewers and give them a short Topic Teaser.

Pretty simple right?

Most people I’ve seen doing Facebook Live events forget this part all of the time!

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2.   Asking for engagement

Before getting into the meat of your event, you need to ask your viewers to share and comment.

The more engagement you can get the faster, you will start growing your fanpage audience.

But, you have to ask!

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3.   The Headline Promise

The headline promise is just that.

Your headline should promise value and answers to their pain and challenges.

You need to have a headline that grabs them and peaks their interesting, so they stay to hear the content.

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4.   Content

Okay, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Your content has to be engaging, value-based and entertaining.

You want to make sure that you deliver on the promises you have made.

But, most important you want to have fun and allow your audience to relate to you and their situation.

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5.   Q & A

Always allow time for Q & A on your FB Live Events.

People are going to have questions and you want to be that person that can and will answer those questions.

You’re not done until you have answered their questions!

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6.   Call To Action

Your CTA is where you get the lead and make the money.

Most people just forget this part and it’s probably the most important when it comes to building your business and list.

You have to have a CTA that is congruent with the topic you are streaming about.

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6 Easy Parts To A Facebook Live Streaming Formula – Summary

Now that you know the 6 parts to a great Live Steam the next step is to start!

The 6-Parts:

  1.   Welcome & Topic Tease
  2.   Ask for Engagement
  3.   The Headline Promise
  4.   Content
  5.   Q & A
  6.   Call To Action

If you want to learn more about Facebook Live and other Marketing Methods check this out!

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