Facebook Marketing Do's and Don'ts For EntrepreneursJust like any marketing Facebook Marketing has it do’s and do not’s when it comes to Entrepreneurs marketing online.

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One of the reasons this hit home with me again was because of some things that happened today on my Birthday.

It just reminded me how important it is to understand proper Social Media Etiquette.

I’m writing this post on October 9th, 2016 my 64th birthday.

Facebook Marketing Do’s and Don’ts For Entrepreneurs

What brought this back to my attention today was some Birthday wishes that I received that had attached to them links to people’s business or opportunity.

These posts are such a major faux pas I just can’t tell you.

The last thing anyone wants if to be pitched on their Birthday or any other Holiday for that matter.

Would you do this in real life at a Birthday party?

Unfortunately, some people would, and that’s why they are NOT successful!

Facebook Marketing Do’s

1.   Be Social

Facebook is a Social Media platform, so the first thing you should be doing is being SOCIAL.

It always amazes me how un-social so many people are on Facebook and the other Social Media platforms.

Share with people just as you would in the real world.

Share your travel experiences, your family experiences and just be SOCIAL!

2.   Build Relationships

The next thing you need to be doing is building RELATIONSHIPS!

Remember people do business with those the KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST!

If all you are doing is pitching and spamming no one will want to work with you.

You need to take your friends from being cold prospects to warm prospects, and that’s done by building relationships.

Facebook Marketing Don’ts

1.    Don’t Be Pitchy

Don’t be that person that has to pitch their product or opportunity every time they chat with someone.

The last person you want to become is the Holiday Pitcher.

That person that has to send a link after a Holiday wish to one of your friends.

guy in spam can2.    Spammer

When I was growing up, Spam was a pretty regular food at our table.

Now it’s become a bad thing, and something everyone pretty much deplores.

Spam is unwanted email, social media messages, or anything sent to someone who doesn’t want it.

The last thing you want to be on Facebook is a SPAMMER!

Being a Spammer will be one of the fastest ways to alienate your friends and family.

Spamming is just a BIG Don’t!

Facebook Marketing Do’s and Don’ts – Summary

In summary, the best way to market on Facebook is to be Social and Develop Relationships just like you would do in the real world.

People do business with those they Know, Like, and Trust and that’s who you want to become.

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