Facebook Marketing Does It Really Work?Have you ever wondered if Facebook Marketing works or is it just a big hype and no one makes any money on Facebook? Find out what works today.

Jessica Higdon, who I consider one of the best Marketers on Social Media is releasing her 10K Social Media Recruiting course again at an incredible discount.

If you do not have this course and are even considering using Facebook to market, you NEED to get this NOW!

In this post, I want to give a couple of her tips and then send you to her FREE 4 Video training series.

Facebook Marketing Does It Really Work?

This young lady has gone from working at a cosmetic counter in a department store to making 10’s of thousands doing Facebook Marketing.

She has mentor 100’s of people on how to start making money, prospecting, and recruiting using Social Media.

If you following this link to Jessica’s 4 Free Videos, you will be able to learn more than most of the pros know about how to use Social Media properly for their marketing.

I want to share just a few of her points from the first video to wet your appetite for the rest of the videos.

Jessica Higdon - 10K Social Media RecruitingHow To Take Advantage Of The People You Have On Your Social Media Channels Right Now

Go through your friend’s list and type out this message to them all.

Hey (First Name)

I just have to apologize. I know you’ve been on my friends list for quite some time and I’ve seen your status updates pop up.  I’ve never taken the time to reach out to you.  I hate that Facebook can be so impersonal sometimes, anyways just wanted to connect, noticed you’re in (xxxx), is that something you enjoy?

She goes on to give you some great questions to ask once they have responded to you.

Watch it all ==> HERE!

The Tough Question

Is this Network Marketing?   Ugh!!!!

The reason for this being a tough question is because of our BELIEF level!

Changing your Belief level will change how you feel about this challenge or objection.

Uncovering exactly what the objection is will help you handle not only this but the most question that you might get.

I love Todd Falcone’s line “Absolutely, If it wasn’t Network Marketing I wouldn’t Touch It…”

Asking questions to uncover what the underlying objection is will help you understand where their pain is.

And Much More…

This is a very small sample of what Jessica Higdon shares in her 4 Free Videos.

She is a master at building relationships online and offline.

Whatever business you are building, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or a good old Brick and Mortar business this will help you.

Facebook Marketing It Does Really Work!!!

Don’t miss you on these videos; you will bummed if you do. 10K Social Media Recruiting!

An Online Business Expert, Speaker, & Trainer Reveals 6 STEPS to 6-FIGURES Online In 90-Days Or LESS With Our System.

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