Facebook Marketing Tips – Should You Market Your Company

Facebook Marketing Tips - Should You Market Your Company

Facebook marketing is something that most Network Marketer’s really don’t understand.  This is going to be a short article on a few key points on how to do proper marketing and a few facebook marketing strategies.

Here are some of the pitfalls in the Facebook Marketing area:

1.  Company Blasting: Probably the biggest mistake new marketers do is to blast their company link or capture page all over facebook.

This will virtually never get you a new team member and will certainly do more harm than good.Facebook Marketing Tips

2.   Never Develop Relationships:  Most new marketers never understand the value of just developing relationships with people.  The average person gets on Facebook to either continue relationships they have or get some new ones.  It’s a SOCIAL platform for people to connect and share.

Network Marketing is a SOCIAL Business where you develop relationships with your team and prospects!

Should You Market Your Company?

This is one of the questions that I had myself in the beginning.  Why can’t I just blast my company website/capture page, all over Facebook and hope for the best.

First off there are so many people that already do that you just become one of the thousands that are cluttering up people’s feed.

Second, as soon as someone sees what your company is where do you think they are going to do the research on it, GOOGLE! And we all know that there isn’t anything bad about our companies on google…. haha!

Thirdly, even if after their research and they find they still want to join who’s to say that they won’t just go find another leader higher up the chain than you and sign with them.

We’ve all heard the old saying “They buy into you not the business.”  Well it’s very true.  When it comes to a Facebook Marketing Strategy the biggest one I can give you is to build relationships.

I would challenge you one day to just look through your facebook feed and see how many ameteur marketers are blasting their company all over facebook.

All I can tell you is it just doesn’t work.  You need to think of Facebook the same as you do the real world.  You wouldn’t just walk up to someone on the street and say here look at my website and join my team.

We know that we have to establish rapport with the prospect and gain their trust.  It’s no different in the social media world.  You need to establish trust and a relationship.

I would encourage you to take How to Market on FB courses whenever you can.  The one that I found to be the best was with Jessica Higdon.

Facebook Marketing is a great way to build your business you need to just remember that you are marketing yourself and building relationships and it takes time.

Don’t be like everyone else out there blasting their company sites everywhere, be YOU and build trust with your friends.

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