Recap On Facebook Retargeting PixelsIf you are not using Facebook Retargeting Pixels for your Facebook marketing, then you are losing out on hitting your best market you have.

If you want to get the full training on this subject and so much more, then you NEED to visit MLSP Training.

Have you ever wondered how advertisers know the precise products you have been browsing?

It feels like they are stalking you, right?

Well, that’s what we call Pixel Retargeting, and Facebook has become a master at it.

Recap On Facebook Retargeting Pixels

A year or so ago I was going through Facebook and was amazed at how after going to look at an individual product the next time I was looking at my Newsfeed miraculously there is was in an ad on the right side of my feed.

It was like magic or if someone had hacked my computer and was watching everything I did.

That is what Facebook Retargeting Pixels will do for you.

Wednesday night we had an incredible expert Jesse Jameson do some training on exactly what and how to use Pixels.

This training is available in the MLSP Training suite, and you can get a 10-day trial for less than $10.

In the video below I will give you a summary of what Jesse taught in the training.

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VIDEO: Recap On Facebook Retargeting Pixels


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