The Secret to Fix Facebook Posts GraphicsAre you frustrated with the way your Facebook Post Graphics look after you have taken the time to make sure your images are pristine and formatted properly?

Until I went through the 3-Minute Expert, I had no idea how to fix this frustration with my blog post graphics.

So, what am I exactly do I mean?

Have you ever written an excellent blog post and then shared it on Facebook and it pulls up some weird image off of your blog.

I used to have this happen all the time, and it was incredibly frustrating!

The Secret to Fix Facebook Post Graphics

So, the secret is two-fold.

First, you should always make sure you have a Featured Image on your blogs.

Second, you may have to empty the Facebook Cache periodically here.

Emptying the cache on Facebook was something that I had never heard of before and it works great.

Now that said in the video below I will go through the each of these items step by step, so you understand them.

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VIDEO: The Secret to Fix Facebook Post Graphics


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