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logoI wanted to give a quick review on a company and opportunity call Four Corners Alliance Group a subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC.  The company is located in Las Vegas.

Here is the details from the About Us page on their web site:

Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC set up to provide a legal and ethical wealth creation platform for a variety of experience levels in everyday people – wherever they happen to live.

The world around us is changing at an ever increasing pace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our economies — and reflected in our jobs and in our lives. Our very survival depends on the ability to “ride the wave” safely.

Our mission in Four Corners Alliance Group: to provide a safe and secure place where a life changing income can be built – FAST!

If you’re like us, you’re tired of the inconsistencies of the online business world and have been looking for a much needed solution to the real challenges faced by hardworking people the world over on a daily basis. At 4Corners we’ve found that solution.

Our goal is to help you generate the cash flow you need to finally achieve your financial dreams. We start by helping you create a monthly income stream that’s big enough to reduce the anxiety of “day to day” living costs.

We accomplish this goal by providing cutting edge financial products, the solid, user-friendly platform and the savvy real-world expertise of veterans in online business, finance and marketing, all in one place and all geared towards making your experience an empowering and productive one.

Four Corners offers a streamlined business build through –

  • A hefty 80% commission payout, split between qualifying member and their sponsor
  • Unique good value educational products
  • Informative Monthly Newsletter
  • Exclusive optional International Investment Club

They have a 4 by 6 matrix payout with 100% matching commissions on personally sponsored reps.  The provide a residual income source through a monthly newsletter.

The unique idea behind their compensation plan is that all your products are purchased through your commissions so there isn’t any monthly and it is only $18 startup one time ever.

What I have found that this seems like a legitimate business and the potential to make so good extra income.  The product are okay and not everyone is going to want the products but the startup price point is so low you really can’t lose.

All in all this is not a bad opportunity for people who don’t have a lot of money to get started.  This is NOT my primary business though but have a lot of good friend and family that are building it

To find out more information click on the link below.

Four Corners Alliance

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