Generating Leads - Secrets Every Network Marketer Needs To KnowGenerating leads are something everyone would love to know how to do.  If you are a Network Marketer getting leads is the lifeblood of your business.

Learning how to generate leads on a consistent basis is something that will change how you build your business forever.

Let me ask you a couple questions.

How many new people were you able to talk to the last week?

How many of those people came looking for you?

Most Network Marketers burn out very quickly because of the answers to those above questions.

Once you have run out of your warm market of family and friends, NOW WHAT!

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Generating Leads Online – What To Do???

This may seem like a daunting task but when you break it down it is really very simple.

I’m going to share with you some simple secrets that will help you getting started generating leads online in the next week.

Generating Leads Secret #1 – You Need To Start!

I know that sounds pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how many people procrastinate and get stuck in the old “paralysis of analysis” syndrome.

I love the quote I heard from Ray Higdon – Version 1.0 is infinitely better than version 0.0.”

I can tell you from experience that Leads just don’t jump on your list like magic.

They need to know you exist and have something to offer.

Generating Leads Secret #2 – You Need To Be Consistent

This is the one thing that I just didn’t get at first.  You have probably heard of the old saying “What Have You Done For Me Lately.”

Well, it’s true and lately, when it comes to the internet and marketing is pretty much daily or close to it.

I have to ask if you have a full-time job would you just show up periodically, of course not.

Being consistent accomplishes a number of things:

1.     It keeps you in front of your target market.
2.     It gets easier and easier to be consistent.
3.     You get better and better at being consistent.
4.     And you teach others how and why to be consistent.

When I talk about being consistent I really mean putting out value to your target market consistently and solving their challenges and concerns.

Generating Leads Secret #3 – You Need To Provide Value To Your Target Market

It’s great to start and it’s great to be consistent but if you are not answering the needs of your target market they are not going to want to follow you.

You have to become attractive to your niche so they see you as the expert.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust and we all know that.

Sit down and seriously look at where your target markets pain is and spend the time offering value to relieve that pain.

All the consistency in the world without providing value will do you little good when it comes to lead generation offline or online!

Generating Leads Secret #4 – The Mechanics of Generating A Lead

The mechanics are again really pretty simple.

1.    Have A Blog.  You can get leads from a number of places, but I have found that having a blog as your hub is by far the best place to start.   Your blog is forever not like the other platforms that you have NO control over.

2.     You need to have a way to capture your leads information.  This is what we call a lead capture form.  Along with this, you must have an autoresponder.

3.     Last you need to have a Lead Magnet or something to entice your target market to give you their information for what you have to offer them.

Generating Leads Secret #5 – Start Sending Traffic To Your Hub

Once you have secrets 1 – 4 done just start sending traffic to your hub (Your Blog) from everywhere else.

All of your posts on Social Media should point back to your hub.

All of your emails should point back to your hub.

You will be amazed how easy this will become once you make the commitment to JUST DO IT!

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