7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic To Your BlogAs a blogger, it’s critical to get more traffic to your blog. Here are 7 Easy Ways you can do right now to get more traffic to your blog posts.

Everyone understand that more traffic ultimately means more engagement with your blog posts and more opportunities to become a lead.

If you write a fantastic blog post and no one ever sees it, then it’s pretty much like it doesn’t exist.

That said, in a moment I’m going to share with you seven easy ways to get more traffic to your blog that will change that for you.

7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Everyone agrees that you need traffic to your blog and your blog posts if you are going to succeed as a blogger.

So, understanding and using these seven easy ways will make all the difference for you on your blogging journey.

I also wanted to let you know that although I use all of these methods one of my Mentors, Michelle Pescosolido has an excellent post on ten that she uses.

Let’s get started.

1    Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of those easy ways that most people avoid like the plague.

It isn’t that hard if you use the right tool and don’t complicate it.

I use Google’s free Keyword Planner.  You have to have a Gmail account to use this tool.

It’s straightforward and very easy to use.

Another great free resource is Moz Keyword Explorer.  This one I haven’t used very much, but it is worth checking out.

All that I do is a search on my desired Keyword and then refine it to be around 100 – 1,000 searches a month.  I don’t worry about all of the cost, competition, and other items.

2.   LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are short for Latent Semantic Indexing.

This tool just identifies other keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword

The best resource, I found for finding LSI keywords is a free tool LSI Graph.

LSI graphic

I love how you just enter your primary keyword in, and it comes back with various suggestions that you can add.

LSI Results

I use this tool for every blog post I do.

3.   Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

If you are using WordPress, which you should be, as your blogging platform, then the Yoast SEO plugin is a must have.

The huge benefit with this plugin is that it not only helps you optimize your primary keyword, but it helps you with creating better content with checking your readability.

You can see in the image below that Yoast gives you everything you need to optimize your primary keyword and get them indexed by the search engines.

Yoast analysis example

In my humble opinion, this tool is a must!

4.   PushCrew

PushCrew is one of my favorite ways to get more traffic to your blog posts.

The PushCrew tool enables you to push out notifications to those people that have allowed you to anytime.

PushCrew lets you talk to your subscribers in a concise and straightforward manner, using push notifications on a browser.

Push Notifications are clickable messages sent directly to your visitor’s browsers (even when they’re not on your website).

I have found that the click rates are much higher than regular emails.

5.   Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing is something that is so simple yet so many people don’t use.

You should always share your post’s on Social Media and allow your visitors the ability to share your posts.

Simple but very effective way to get more views to your blog and blog posts.

So whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, the list goes on so make sure you’re getting more blog traffic by sharing your new blog posts on as many Social Media outlets as possible.

Furthermore, when you share your blog posts on Facebook, for example, some people who see it will also share it themselves to their audience or followers.

As a result, exposure of your blog posts will be to a whole new audience that you may not have reached on your own.

6.   Email Your List

Emailing your list is another way to increase the views to your blog and increase the engagement also.

The primary goal of your blog should be to gather new, targeted and quality leads daily.

The next thing you want to do is build a relationship with that list by providing value every chance you can.

Straightforward but missed by so many.

7    Create Compelling Headlines

Typically the first thing people see is your Headline for your post.

If it doesn’t grab their attention, you are done!

So, creating a compelling Headline is a must.

I use a great tool that allows me to check my headline and adjust it to be more compelling.

It’s the “Advanced Marketing Institute – Headline Analyzer,” and it works great.

Advanced Marketing Institute Headlines

I typically chose Business as the category, and that’s all there is to it.  Once you hit Submit, it will return your analysis.

I will tell you in the example above using the word “Simple” my score was 20 which is below what you want.

headline analysis result

You can see that by just changing “Simple” to “Easy” it move it to 30% which is much better.

I don’t spend a lot of time tweaking, but it’s amazing how small tweaks can make a huge difference.

Final Thoughts on How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

So, you now have my 7 Easy ways to get more views on your blog posts.

Now it’s your turn.  Having this new knowledge and not acting on it is like buying a bike and never riding it.

My desire is that you will take these tips and put them into action.

All of these tips can be implemented without any cost and right now.

Questions? and Comments!!

I would love to hear from you on which one of these tips has helped you the most and which ones you have implemented.

Getting feedback from you is important to me so I can continue to help you in the future.

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