7 Easy Secrets That Make a Great Lead MagnetHere’s how you can create a great Lead Magnet to capture leads, build your list and your business.  Without a great offer that draws leads, you will not grow.

Understanding the importance of lead generation is the first thing that has to happen.

If you are sitting back thinking that you can just offer anything and start getting Leads, you are mistaken.

I want to share with you what I believe are the seven secrets to creating a great Lead Magnet for your blog.

7 Easy Secrets That Make a Great Lead Magnet

So, here are the 7 Secrets to draw in your niche audience.

1.    Solve A Real Problem

If your FREE Offer does not solve a real challenge or give them something they want, it will not work at all.

You need to address your Avatar’s pain and provide a real solution to help them.

We are in the business of solving issues that our market has, plain and straightforward.

2.   Promise One Quick Win

You need to promise and deliver one quick win for your niche.

Give them the answer to achieving something quickly and see success.

You will be amazed at how important this one thing is.

3.   Be Very Specific

Make sure your Lead Magnet is very specific and not over generalized.

Your visitors need to feel that you are solving a super specific problem that they are having.

If you create a general magnet, it will not convert half as well as one that is pinpoint specific.

4.   Quick To Digest

PDF checklist tends to convert well because of they are easy and quick to digest.

 Using short informative videos is also very effective.

The key is easily and quickly ingested.

5.   High Value

Your Lead Magnet should both perceived and High great value.

Having great value is a must if you want your magnet to convert.

6.   Instant Access

You are going to find that people love instant gratification.

Having an LM that is instantly available, like a PDF, Video or Audio is the best way to get great conversions.

 7.  Demonstrates Your Expertise

Finally, a great Lead Magnet when consumed by your visitors will demonstrate your expertise.

This will help these leads become customers down the road and start generating income for your business.

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