The Pitfalls of Ground Floor Opportunities In Network MarketingWhat should you look for when evaluating Ground Floor Opportunities when it comes to Network Marketing Companies and what are the pitfalls.

I have been approached so many times about some new startup opportunity that’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The one thing I can say is that up until just recently I wrote them off as being a scam and not worth checking out.

Boy, was I wrong!

When you think about every Network Marketing company out there was a startup at some point, right?

Ground Floor Opportunities In Network Marketing

So, how do you figure out which ones are good and which ones are not?

Here are a few things I look for in a new opportunity.

1.   Founding Leadership

For me, this is a crucial aspect to consider if you are considering a ground floor opportunities.

I have seen so many startups come and go because the senior management doesn’t know how to run a Network Marketing business.

There are people out there they did great in the field and attempted to start a company on their own.

I have found that most times that’s a very hard task to accomplish.

Then you have the whole business type that doesn’t understand MLM and all of the nuances that are involved.

What I look for is a combination of both and even more importantly someone who has had some major success in the past starting a company.

Somebody that understands the field and also understand business and keeping a company afloat.

A team that has a passion for the field and knows what it takes to build a huge and lasting organization.

Strong Leadership is my first criteria to look at and can be a major pitfall if you don’t do your due diligence.

2.   Product Uniqueness

Product uniqueness is pretty important but for me; it’s not the most important.

I’m more concerned that the product has value and is priced reasonably for the average consumer.

Too many times products are so over priced that the average consumer feels the price outweighs the value.

Uniqueness is a factor but not necessarily the most important one.

Make sure the company had a product with great value and priced to match.

3.   Compensation Plan

Everyone thinks that the compensation plan is the most important.

I disagree!

In this day and age, you can hardly find a new compensation plan and if you work the business with passion, commitment and consistency you will win.

Of course, you want the compensation plan to support the growth of the company and the field, but it’s certainly not the most significant concern.

Check out the comp plan for sure, but don’t put more weight on it than should be.

4.   Of Course The Timing

Timing is, of course, a big factor when it comes to choosing ground floor opportunities.

You need to look at the timing in your life as well as timing for the company and its product.

Ground Floor Opportunities always look attractive, but the timing can be all wrong for you.

The timing just comes down to a personal issue.

You need to feel like everything has just fallen into place, and after all of your research, you have found a home.

The Pitfalls of Ground Floor Opportunities In Network Marketing – Summary

In the end, the major Pitfalls that come with looking at any ground floor opportunity is not doing your homework.

All Ground Floor Opportunities are not created equal.

But, when you do find one that meets your requirements and brings that passion to your life and business won’t want to miss out.

Jump on it as soon as you can.

The benefits of getting in on the ground floor of a soon to be successful business are enormous.

I personally just found one like that, and it’s great to feel and have that passion back in my life and business.

Remember every successful Network Marketing company was a Ground Floor Opportunity at one point!!

It’s the beginning of 2017, and you have the chance to TRANSFORM your business starting TODAY!

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