Handling Objections and Posture

objectionsToday I wanted to chat a bit on two different but related subjects, handling objections and posture.  When I say different but related let me explain.  You can learn all the techniques in the world for handling objections but without having the correct posture, and I don’t mean how you are standing, it won’t be half as effective as it can be.

Handling Objections

There are certainly a number of ways and techniques when it comes to handling objections.  Let’s take a few examples of some very common objections.

  1. I just don’t have the Time
    I’m sure you all have heard this one at one time or another.  My response has always been this:  You know what I have found about busy people, they seem to get a lot more done than others,  I have also found they are the one who want more time freedom than most.  Is this something you would like more time freedom?This is one way to handle that objection, where posture comes in is to understand that if people really see value in what you are offering then they will find a way to carve out the time they need to make it happen.  Having the posture to not beg and turn this into a pleading session makes your response that much more powerful.
  2. I just don’t have the money
    I know you have all heard this one, especially in the economic climate that we are currently in.  Again there is the age old response of:  Let me ask you, if your car broke down, or you had to take your spouse or one of your children to the hospital you would find a way to get the money, right.  So what you are really telling me is that you have some other objection or I have not shown you the value in my product or opportunity. Unless they are living in a box on the street most people really could come up with the money if they saw the value and that was really there true objection.  Understand, over the years I have found this is typically a smoke screen because they think most people will just say oh, well let me know if you get the money and want to move forward.  Again Posture would put us in the position of asking the hard questions, not begging or pleading but taking a hard stand that shows you are a professional at what you do.

These are just two of the many objections but probably the most common.  There are many more like, Is this a pyramid, Is this sales, Do I have to talk to all of my friends and family, How much money are you making, one of my favorites.

One of my mentors and upline in my primary business Ray Higdon always talks about how important posture is.  I believe he believes that this is one of the most important things to learn when you are starting out and getting better at as you continue your journey.

Posture is the ability to not look at everyone as your next meal, to always present yourself with the attitude that you are the one bringing the value and the awesome opportunity to the table.

It’s the ability to say next and really mean it, to let them know you are doing this with or without them.  Ray wrote a blog that I think is worth reading concerning posture. Here’s just one excerpt from that article that I found interesting:

“The biggest mistake for non-postured network marketers is they are addicted to the outcome. They are addicted to at least attempting to close every person they ever talk to about their opportunity. The best of the best only recruit 3 out of 10 people but I can assure you, IF you are someone that closes 3 out of 10, you don’t beat yourself up over the 7 that said no.”

So if the experts think that posture is the key to Network Marketing Recruiting and Building it’s probably worth taking the time to hone this skill…. I love the concept of not being addicted to the outcome.  Takes all the fear and stress out of the process.

Well I hope this short article has given you some insight on the subject of Handling Objections and Posture.

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