Harley and The Davidsons Lessons LearnedLast night my wife and I watched the Discovery Channel mini-series Harley and The Davidsons about the history of the Harley Davidson motorcycle.

It was an excellent 3-part series detailing the beginning of the well-known American Motorcycle.

What I found so enlightening was all of the lessons that I learned from this journey taken by the three men who started Harley Davidson.

How many times have we encountered setbacks in our business and just quite!

Harley and The Davidsons Lessons Learned

The first lesson I learned was that no matter how crazy your idea may sound don’t be afraid to run with it.

When Arthur Davidson and William Harley decided to make a motorized bike, it wasn’t a very popular idea.

harley-davidson-low-rider-s-packs-dyna-character-and-screamin-eagle-grunt_16In fact, Harley ended up quitting college to return to what he loved and working with the Davidson’s.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice and go against what the norm is and what others may want for our lives.

The next lesson that was so evident was their commitment and determination to make their dreams come true.

Through insurmountable odds, they continue to push forward on their journey even after failures and obstacles.

20 years into their journey they lost everything and had to start from scratch once again.

The lesson here is they DID NOT QUIT!

How many of us have been deep in the middle of our dream and suddenly the rug is pulled out from beneath us?

I can tell from a long life of experience most people just QUIT!

They not only started again but began training and developing their children to be the leaders to replace them eventually.

They understood the importance of developing leaders within their company.

Harley and The Davidsons Lessons Learned

Harley Davidson’s has become an American Household Name because of the determination of a few men.

Their commitment to their dream and pure determination made them famous and very well off.

Although they could have quit on many occasions, they made the CHOICE to continue on no matter what the cost.

How about you?

Have or are you letting things deter you from your goal and dreams?

Are there people in your life that you are allowing to discourage you and derail your dreams for your family.

Remember none of these people pay your bills, take care of your family or want you to succeed and leave them behind.

I hope these few lessons will help you make the right choice to continue on your journey to your dreams.

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