The Hottest Video Marketing Strategy For Your BusinessSo what is the Hottest Video Marketing Strategy according to the video marketing guru, Mark Harbert.  If anyone has a pulse on this subject, it’s Mark.

So of course, I have a recommendation for a course if you want to become a video marketing guru, No-Fear Video Marketing from Mark Harbert!

Although Video Marketing has been around for awhile, in the beginning, was pretty much left to those who had the money and equipment to utilize the technology.

Now days as long as you have a smartphone you can do video anytime and anywhere.

The Hottest Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

I have to confess I was inspired to write this post after watching a short training from my mentor and friend Mark Harbert.

I have to say he hit it out of the park.

So, what is the hottest Video Marketing Strategy?


With the introduction of Periscope, the Live Video marketing method changed drastically.

Now we have Facebook Live, and soon we will be able to YouTube Live streaming.

How many of us love watching all of the new reality shows that have overtaken the TV World.

I remember when Survivor came out, and we were all glued to the TV every week.

It was like being there with the survivors.

That is what Live Video Streaming has done for the online marketing arena.

People feel like they are there with you and experiencing life with you.

It’s like having a conversation with your friends and becomes very comfortable.

In Mark’s course, he teaches precisely how to become an expert at Video Marketing Live and Memorex!

I’ve been watching some new online marketers that have taken Live Video Marketing by the tail.

They are all over the place, and I can see that their businesses have begun to explode.

I’m excited about the introduction of YouTube Live Streaming this fall.

I believe this is going to change things again so be prepared.

If you do not have a Video Marketing Strategy or are just getting started you need No-Fear Video Marketing!

I talk more about this in the video below and here are some other posts that may help you.

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VIDEO: The Hottest Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business


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