How Do Blogs Work For Online Marketing RevealedOver the past few months, I’ve heard so-called experts tell people that blogging is a waste of time because they don’t know How Do Blogs Work!

I’ve heard them tell people how difficult it is to do and how little return there it.

I’m here to inform you that’s hogwash!

I believe it’s the difference between creating something that lasts or just plugging away day in and day out.

How Do Blogs Work For Online Marketing Revealed

I will tell you from my experience that nothing works if you are not committed and consistent with your marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you are Blogging, Videos or Using Social Media you have to do the work.

Here’s the big difference I have found; You don’t own your content on Social Media sites, period!

So, why do I believe that blogging is a better method or at least a more secure method?

You own your blog, and the content stays around as long as you want.

People have the ability to search your blog with ease and find the valuable content you create.

Have you ever tried to find that post that flew by on your Facebook Newsfeed a week later?

Pretty much impossible, right?

How Do Blogs Work For Online Marketing Revealed

Please, don’t misunderstand me I’m not saying that all of these marketing strategies are useful.

What I’m saying is that I make my blog the hub of my marketing and everything else points there.

If I’m doing a Facebook post and insert a link, it will typically point back to my blog or a blog post with more information.

How Do Blogs Work For Online Marketing Revealed – VIDEO

Finally, no matter what marketing strategy you choose the key is consistency and commitment!

I would love to hear experiences with marketing and your strategies.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

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