Blogging Tips: How Important Is Generating Leads?

Blogging Tips: How Important Is Generating Leads?

This is an age old question how important is generating leads?  I probably get ask this question 4 or 5 times a week and the answer is always the same, “the Most Important Thing!”

If you are a blogger and are thinking that getting traffic is the most important thing you need to change your thinking!

Today I want to change your thinking and let you know that traffic without a way to collect leads is just worthless.

Think about how many people that may come to your site and never come back.  If you don’t have a way to capture that visitor then you have LOST that potential lead and sale.

Why Generating Leads is So Very Important!

I am constantly going through blogging tips and trying to get better with my blogging.  This is always for the purpose of generating leads and creating a bigger list.

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon will tell over and over again that the way to make money is focused on getting leads and then adding value to that list.

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Here are some things that you get from generating leads vs traffic.

1.     You have an audience that has come to you and ask for information and value.

2.     Leads are around for a long time for you to add value to, traffic comes and goes.

3.     You can develop a relationship with your leads, traffic is anonymous.

4.     Leads are a huge source for financial growth and building your primary business.

These are just a few of the benefits of generating leads.  The bottom line is that traffic without a way to capture that lead is pretty useless.

The best of the Lead Generating Programs out there is blogging!  Why, because it’s your content and it stays around forever.Using your blog for leads

If you are always putting out value to the universe and you have a good FREE offer to capture leads.  Unlike emails, your blog posts are out there as long as you have them on your blog.

You would be surprised how many people I find that have commented on old blog posts that I have done a long time ago.  It’s because they are still out there, unlike emails.

The other reason that blogging is so much better than other methods, like facebook and youtube, is because you own it.

You are not going to shut your own site down because you are promoting Network Marketing.  Whereas you may and many have got shut down on facebook and youtube.

Final thoughts, start your blog and concentrate on delivering great content and capturing leads.   Be willing to give it time and be consistent.

If you think that you can write a few articles and your will be on easy street, there isn’t any sense even starting because you are wasting your time.

It’s going to take some time and commitment, but I promise it will be worth it if you stick it out.

So if you want to Make Money with your blog, then be prepared to do the work and make sure you have a lead capturing system on the front page.

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