How Important is StoryTelling Content Marketing?

How Important is StoryTelling Content Marketing-facebookDo you have a story to tell and does Storytelling content marketing really important?

I’m going to answer that question for you in this post so don’t miss out on this.

I went through a training with Diane Hochman the other day that really hit home so here are the highlights from that training.

“Character Trumps Factual Content Every Time”

They are more interested in being entertained than knowing all the information.

Example: Superbowl Commercials

Here’s a quick test to validate what I’m telling you.

1    What do you remember about your 9th grade Algebra class?

2    Name a character from the Wizard of Oz

I will bet that it took you less than a second to answer number 2, but you had to think about number 1, right.

That’s because your readers and prospects would rather be entertained rather than hit with all kinds of facts about your product or company.

Three Major Characters in StoryTelling Content Marketing

  • Alpha

    3-Storytelling-CharactersThe take-charge guy or gal.  They are going to tell you what to do. If you are not serious come back when you are.  You need to do a before and after to give the prospect a reason to act.

  • Braveheart or Crusader
    This is the person that is going to mount their proverbial horse and change the world.
  • Maven or Evangelist
    This is the person that has studied everything and know that this is the best of best and on a quest to tell everyone.

You don’t have to use all three all the time, but the great marketers use them all the time!

5 Major Story Lines in StoryTelling Content Marketing

  • Before and After
    Before this happened I wasn’t very good at this, but now I’m doing much better.  The Classic before I did or took this and After I did.
  • Amazing Discovery
    You have discovered an amazing discovery or had an epiphany about something and tell the story
  • I have A Secret
    Presenting that you have a secret that you are only sharing with a limited amount of people. Revealing a secret.  This creates a question in your prospects head that compels them to find out.
  • 3rd Person Testimonial
    Telling the story of someone else.  Telling their success story, before and after about someone else.
  • Us Versus Them
    What we have versus what they have and how what we market is so much better

The key is to use combinations of the characters and the story lines and create content marketing that compels and stirs your prospects to ACTION!

All of these marketing methods create an emotional connection that will draw people to you and create an emotion of taking action.

Most people really don’t care about all the facts that we know or typically want to throw up on people about your product and company.

The need to have a connection with you that stirs them to do something!

People do business with people the KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST!  Are there any facts that are associated with the three words, NO.


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