How To Be Attractive On Social MediaI want to thank Leah Getts for her training today on How to Be Attractive On Social Media and How to Attract Your Tribe to build your business online.

It’s not enough to just be on Social Media, you have to become attractive to your target market.

You need to become someone that people want to get to know, like and trust.

Spamming your links everywhere and hoping for the best I can guarantee won’t get you very far in your marketing.

How To Be Attractive On Social Media

I love how Leah Rae put these together and just had to share them with you.

1.   Be Authentic

This is where a lot of people fall short.

People want to connect with authentic people, not those fake posers.

Just be yourself it’s that simple.

If you are doing a Facebook Live and your hair and makeup aren’t perfect it’s okay.

People love that you are normal like the rest of us.

2.   Share Your Life (Live Out Loud)

You don’t have to be sharing quotes, value, and training all the time.

You need to connect with others so start sharing your life more.

Just let people see you as a real person.

As Leah says Live Out Loud!

Let people see you in your everyday life with family and friend.

3.   Share Value

This one is the obvious one but probably most forgotten.

Share value to your market that will help them with their challenges.

People will connect with you if you are consistently helping them solve their challenges in their business.

Value, Value, Value!

4.   Consistency

This is probably the most important one.

Being consistent will make the difference between success and failure.

When I say be consistent I don’t mean once a month or when you feel like it.

I mean daily consistency.

You want people to connect with you using statements like I see you all over the place all the time!

You MUST Be CONSISTENT to Be Attractive On Social Media

5.  Celebrate With Your Team Online

People love sharing with team success.

Take time to Celebrate with your Team and Share this with Your Online Family.

People love success no matter how small.

6.   Over Deliver

Under Promise and Over Deliver.

Whatever you are giving to your market be sure you are always over delivering the value.

If you tell them you are going to give 5 things give them 7.

Always give more than they expect and you’ve promised.

People will love that and always come back for more.

How To Be Attractive On Social Media – Summary

In conclusion, take time to be yourself, be natural, consistent and remember you are building relationships not pitching people your business.

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