How To Become A Recruiting Master In Network Marketing

How To Become A Recruiting Master In Network MarketingIf you are going to build your Network Marketing business then you need to become a recruiting master. Today I will share with you 7 steps to help with your MLM Business.

I got these 7 steps from my mentor, upline and friend Ray Higdon and as he says I believe these steps can take you from zero to hero.

Ray has been a top recruiter and top earner for quite a few years now and definitely know how to recruit and build a team of producers.

So let’s get to the 7 steps that can take from MLM Zero to MLM Hero!

7 Steps to Becoming a Recruiting Master

  1. Talk to More People
  2. Say less to more people
  3. Be postured when prospecting and recruiting
  4. Proper follow up and how to handle voicemails
  5. How to train your new rep
  6. How to stay focused
  7. How to roll it all together and become a top income earner in your network marketing business.

Before I go any further I want to tell you that if you want to get the whole training on How To become a Recruiting Master then you need to get Ray’s course.

I can only hit the highlights in this post and his course has all the details and best content to take you to that next level.go for now book

One of the things that changed Ray’s life was his process of getting 20 No’s a day.  Part of this process comes from the book Go for No.

I want to give you just the sizzle from his course so you will take advantage of the taking the whole course.

He talks about how it really is a numbers game.  Below are some more of the great topics that Ray covers in his course.

I can’t stress enough how great this course is and how worth the money it is.

  1. talk to more people
  2. Say less to more people
  3. Have posture and understand what that means
  4. Follow up and Voicemails
  5. Training the new rep
  6. Staying Focused
  7. Becoming a Top Earner

Here is just a snippet of number 7’s point:

Here’s what you need to know about Top Earners:

  • Top earners don’t do the minimum
  • Top earners OWN their routine.
  • Top earners are coachable because they want to be the best.
  • Top Earners can come from any background but are typically born of tough circumstances or at least they come out of tough circumstances.

VIDEO: How To Become A Recruiting Master In Network Marketing

So, if you are interested at all on becoming a Recruiting Master then I would highly suggest that you get Ray Higdon’s course.

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