How To Become An Authority With Your ProspectsWouldn’t you love to be the one thought of as the authority in your niche, sure you would.  There are a few things you need to focus on if you want to become a genuine authority with your prospects

To become an authority doesn’t mean you have to be the person that is the top earner in their company or generating thousands of leads to be the person that people look to.

If there is someone out there that hasn’t generated a lead or made a single dime in their Network Marketing company and you have, you become the expert.

Remember you have value and what you know and what you have done can help others and as you get better and better you will be able to help more and more people.

People Don’t Want to Hear Your An Authority… They Want to See It!

The best way to be an authority is to BE IT!

There are many people that say they are an authority but really aren’t. If you want to be an authentic authority, produce a result and then share with people how you did it.

For instance, if you are a marketer and you teach marketing and you are going to teach people how to generate 100 leads per day yet you haven’t generated 100 leads per day, there is a disconnect.

In the long run, it hurts you and doesn’t help you.

Guess what? There are tons of people out there that have never generated a lead before… EVER… and they would love to generate 5 leads. You are now the authority. Make sense?

When I say produce a result, I am not saying you have to be the best, just teach on how you did what you did even if they are small successes.

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Let People Crown You As An Authority

Some self-proclaimed authorities spend too much of their own time patting themselves on the back because they think doing that will give the perception of being an authority.

The only problem is, it is self-serving and it just doesn’t work!

If you want to become an authority then do what I talked about in point 1 and share with the audience and let them declare your authority.

You produce the result, you share those results and then let the people crown you.

People will notice you and they will want to follow you because they see the success you are having and believe what you teach.

If you build your reputation in this manner, you will find that your results will last, your reputation will be shared, and your following will grow.

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Take The Time To Earn Your Position

I believe it takes some amount of time to earn your position, but that is only because you haven’t taken any action to move forward.

As you learn more and more that continues to make you an expert and the go-to guy or gal if you choose.

If you teach what you have done, guess what? You become an authority.

In reality, you have earned your position right now. That’s right. How many leads have you generated? 3?

Guess what, you are now the authority on how to generate 3 leads.

There are people out there that haven’t generated ANY LEADS. They will want to know from YOU how you did that.

It’s like that in anything. Are you into health and wellness? Do you share great information and know your craft? Then you have become an authority because you know what they don’t. Make sense?

Don’t stuck in the trap of believing that you aren’t good enough or you have to wait for some magical time when you become that authority. You are an authority NOW, not tomorrow but NOW!

Still Not Sure You Can Become An Authority

If you feel that’s still not enough and you don’t feel confident in becoming an authority, then you will want to check out what my buddy Ray Higdon has put together on becoming an authority even when nobody knows who you are now.

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