The Secret To How To Conquer Your FearsI have found over my years that there is only one secret on how to Conquer Your Fears! 

Learn today exactly what that secret is.

As I was going through Ray Higdon’s Total Recruiting Mastery course one of the modules is on “Getting past your fear of rejection.”

When I was going through this it started to bring up my history of fear and how I have conquered those fears in my life.

I want to share with you a couple of my life stories that have answered this question how I conquer my fears.

The Secret To How To Conquer Your Fears

My first story of fear in my life that was conquered was when I was a teenager.

I was incredibly shy and talking to girls was just out of the question.  In fact, as a senior in High School, I had never even kissed a girl much less go out on a date.

One day one of my best friends took me aside and said let’s go to the mall and just start meeting random girls.

I was terrified but after about an hour of just walking up to random ladies and introducing myself and saying hi I wasn’t have as terrified anymore.

My next story happened after High School when I was drafted into the US Army.

I always wanted to be a paratrooper but the thought of really jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was a great fear.

34-foot tower at Ft Benning

After Basic Training at Ft Knox, I was on my way to Ft Benning Georgia to start Jump School.

The first week was called “ground week” and we learned how to do PLF’s (Parachute Landing Falls) and started jumping out of the 34′ towers.

That was the first fear I had to overcome.  32 feet is a strange height and for some reason is more fearful for most people than say 70 feet.

250 foot towers at benningThe second week was “tower week” and in this week, we had to fall from a 250′ tower.  This was a huge fear but the more times I did it the less fear and the more excitement and awe.

The third week was the last and it was called “jump week.”  This was the week that we did 5 jumps from either a C-141 or a C-130.

c-130 jumpI remember on the first jump there were trainees that actually stopped in the door and had to be pushed out.

I was terrified at first but again after the second and third jump, I couldn’t wait to get up there again.

I ended up after my training and for years doing hundreds of jumps and just loving it.

The last story I will share is my fear of public speaking.

I remember taking Speech Class in school and getting sick every time I was slotted to speak in class.

It wasn’t until I just started getting up in front of the class and I was bad at it let me tell you did I get over this fear.

I went from being scared stiff to winning speech contest and eventually going on to speak in front of hundreds of people.

The Secret To How To Conquer Your Fears – Answer

So what is the secret how to conquer your fears?


I know that sounds way to simple, but I can tell one of the aspects of fear is that it causes us to do NOTHING!

I love what the acronym of fear is – False Evidence Appearing Real!

In all of my stories above I didn’t avoid the fear I moved THROUGH the fear with ACTION

Conquering Your Fears is all about taking action so that the False Evidence disappears.

So the next time you encounter one of those fears in your life that just stop you dead in your tracks – TAKE ACTION and move THROUGH IT!

Exposing the true evidence in something you fear and taking action is the best way to move through it and have great success.

I did that in my business by taking courses like Total Recruiting Mastery and 3 Minute Expert.

Getting involved with communities and using systems like MLSP Mastery.

That’s how you Conquer Your Fears!

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VIDEO: The Secret To How To Conquer Your Fears

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