Tech Training: How To Properly Forward Your DomainSometimes we forget that learning some of the simple technical skills like how to forward your domain and masking are treasured.

There are many technical aspects of your business that are better off done by experts.

One of the things I learned in 3 Minute Expert was to learn the simple things so you can add value, but let the experts do the advanced stuff.

I use Godaddy for all of my domain registrations just because I know it and have been using it forever.

There are many domain registrants out there, and the all do domain forwarding and masking.

Tech Training: How To Properly Forward Your Domain

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to buy your domain.

Have a good Domain is crucial but the subject of another post.

Today we are just going to be addressing what to do after you have purchased your domain.

Again, I would recommend using Godaddy just because it’s the most popular and so very easy to use.

If you still have a hard time after you go through this training, you can call them, and they will help you get it all setup.

In the video below I go through step by step how to forward your Domain.

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VIDEO: Tech Training: How To Properly Forward Your Domain


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