Easy Secrets How To Monetize Your BlogThe primary reason for blogging it to build your list of leads.  Learning How To Monetize Your Blog makes your blog both a lead generator and a money maker.

When I first started blogging, I’m not sure that I even understood the real purpose of blogging.

It wasn’t until I went through some high-level training on blogging and becoming an authority in my niche that I understood what the purpose of blogging was.

Easy Secrets How To Monetize Your Blog

One of the things I certainly didn’t know was Monetization of my Blog.

I just assumed like so many others that once I started blogging the visitors would flock to my site and start buying anything and everything.


So, let’s get into these very simple secrets.

1.    Use A 2-Click Optin Method

What is a 2-click optin method?

If you look at my blog posts, you will see graphics on the sidebar that tweak visitors interest.

They have to click on the image or button to get to the optin page which opens in a New Window.

I used to have an optin form right on the sidebar and didn’t receive as many leads, and it was hard to track because of repeat visitors clicking on the link.

You always, always want to open any link in a new window!

2.   Use Evergreen Webinar where possible

Not everyone will be able to do this but if you have had a successful webinar that converts well make it an Evergreen Webinar.

Having a webinar that happens with or without you is a great tool to generate leads and sales.

There are many systems out there that will let you do your Evergreen Webinars here are two of them.

 Stealth Webinar

•  EverWebinar

I use Everwebinar because of the versatility, options available and the cost.

3.   Using Amazon Links Within Your Posts

This particular tip is pretty self-explanatory.

If you have an Amazon Affiliate account then every time you mention a product that can be purchased on Amazon link to it with your affiliate link.

For instance, if you mention “Think and Grow Rich” create a link to that book that opens in a new window.

4.    Use A P.S. Line In All Of Your Posts

PS lines are such a great tip.

If you are not using a P.S. line in all of your posts, you are missing out on some great leads and monetization opportunities.

Some of my best leads come from my PS lines at the end of my blog posts.

Example: PS: If You Are a Team of One, Haven’t Recruited Anyone, This is the System you Should Get – MLSP Mastery System This is a FREE Webinar on How To Build Your Team and Make Money!

5.   Pop-Up Windows

Using Pop-Up windows is one of those tips that can be controversial.

At present, I only use exit pop-ups.

Meaning, that when someone moves their mouse to the outside of my sight to leave a pop-up shows up.

I would caution you to not go crazy with pop-ups.

I know I won’t go back to a site that has me closing pop-ups every few seconds.

Easy Secrets How To Monetize Your Blog – Summary

These are just a few of the ways that will get you started generating leads and making money.

I would highly recommend you getting Ray Higdon’s 3-Minute Expert Course if you are serious about becoming an Authority in you Niche’ Market.

The first thing you have to do is get your blog up and online and then start being consistent and committed to providing valuable content to your market.

Once you have this working traffic will start appearing to your site so make sure you have a way to capture their information and add them to your list.

There is absolutely no need to worry about traffic until you have a way to capture leads!

Was this post valuable to you?  If YES… I would love to hear your comments and share below.


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