How To Protect Your MLM BusinessIn light of things that have recently happened I thought this might be a helpful post on how to protect your network marketing business.

I want to make sure it is very clear I am NOT an Attorney or have any affiliations with an Attorney.  These are just my beliefs after years of experience and current business climate.

If you are in Network Marketing then you most likely have heard about what happen to the company Vemma.

The FTC shut them down temporarily and then allowed them to re-open with some pretty severe restrictions, not good.

The thing that always baffles me is the surprise from everyone when something like this happens.

I’m sure that Vemma, the company never wanted their reps to be out there doing the WRONG things, but without the proper training and checks people are going to be people.

So if you want to protect your network marketing business and your company there are some things that you need to do and not do.

How To Protect Your Network Marketing Business

1.     If It Isn’t TRUE DON’T Say It!

This seems like common sense, but I hear people all the time making claims that just aren’t true.

If-its-not-true-dont-say-itIf you are talking Income then you need to be talking about your income only, showing an income disclosure document and absolutely no exaggeration!

If you are talking about your product then you need to talk only about the facts and not what you think or believe.

If you are in Health and Wellness you CAN NOT make any disease-related claims at all!

Become an expert with your company’s material and exactly what you can and can’t say.  If you have doubts check it out with the company.

2.     Don’t EVER Tell Someone You Get Paid To RECRUIT!

This is probably one of the most abused things that happen with most reps.

You are selling products and if you want to protect your MLM Business you’d better make sure that you are not even insinuating that you get paid for recruiting.

You get Paid for moving PRODUCT!

New reps may or may not purchase products when they get involved.  If they purchase products then you could get paid if not then you won’t!

Protect your Network Marketing Business and don’t be guilty of this!


At the end of the day all you have is your Integrity.  If you are someone that is constantly looking for ways to shortcut things it will eventually catch up to you.

If you feel like the only way you can build your business is by cutting corners then I would suggest that you get into another profession.

Understand what you do not only affects you but it affects the whole company and this profession that has helped thousands of people.

If it isn’t true don’t say it!  If it isn’t correct don’t do it!

So if you want to protect YOUR Network Marketing Business then please take heed to these areas and protect us all.

Here’s another great article on the Vemma shut-down from my mentor and Friend Ray Higdon.

VIDEO: How To Protect Your Network Marketing Business

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