Easy Steps How To Use Live Video for Your Network Marketing Business

Today I want to share with you some Easy Steps How to Use Live Video to build and train your Network Marketing Business Online with Facebook Live.

I don’t know that there is anything more useful and efficient for marketing online than Live Video.

That said, knowing how to get started and how to use live video correctly is critical.

Easy Steps How To Use Live Video for Network Marketing

The first thing I want to do in this post is to discuss the equipment and technical aspects of using live video.

I will tell you that you can spend a lot of money if you choose to, but you don’t need to because you have everything you need already in your possession.

So, let’s chat about what you have and what you may need to start your Live Video journey.

1.   Camera

The Camera is an easy one.  All you need is your SmartPhone.

Now, for those of you who still have the old flip phones, it’s time to upgrade, just saying.

Today our Smartphones have better cameras than most expensive cameras.

There isn’t any need to go out and buy an expensive camera when you already have one of the best in your hand.

The other thing is that your phones are already connecting to the internet so going live is a piece of cake.

Don’t reinvent the wheel and make things complicated.  Use what you have and just get started.

2.   Audio

Audio is one area that you don’t want to skimp.

If people can’t hear you or the sound is terrible, they just won’t watch your videos.

I spent a bit of money and purchased a lapel mic that plugs into my iPhone.

The mic does a great job and makes the sound much better and consistent.

Here’s the link to the lapel mic that I use and I love it.

Good audio is critical to any of your videos whether you are live streaming or just recording one for later upload.

3.   Lighting

Lighting is not so critical as audio and camera are.

You need to make sure you are in a well light room or preferably outside in natural sun light.

If you just don’t have a place where you can get consistent lighting, then you may want to invest in an inexpensive light kit.

Unless you just can’t find a well light place I would not spend the money until you start making some real money.

How To Use Live Video for Network Marketing – The Format

The format for your videos is very straightforward and easy to follow.

  1.    Introduction – Here’s where you introduce yourself and let people know who you are and where you live.
  2.    Question – In this step you want to ask a question that is a pain point for your market
  3.    Content – This step is where you use 3 – 5 minutes to give out the value and training.
  4.    CTA – This is a critical step and is your call to action.  The CTA is why we do the videos to collect leads!

It’s as easy as that!

How To Use Live Video for Network Marketing – Making Them Better

Here are a few things you can do to make your Live Videos even better and stand out from the others.

  1. Announce that you are going to be doing a live video and let people know you are coming.  The more of a heads up you give people, the more likely you are to have people show up.
  2. Prepare before you go live.  The more you are prepared and look like you know what you are doing the better.  Keep it short but interesting, people’s time is valuable.  Make sure all of your equipment is working as it should.
  3. Be You!  This is probably one of the top tips I can give you.  People want to see a real person, not some rehearsed actor or professional speaker.  People want to get to know the real YOU!
  4. Interact with your viewers.  This can be a tough one because you don’t want to take so much time saying hi and introducing your viewers that your content becomes too disjointed.  Interact with Questions and concerns they may have and not to much small talk.
  5. Do some Post Editing and Optimization of your videos.  Add some hash tags and more description to the video.  Maybe change up the thumbnail to make it more relevant to the topic.

How To Use Live Video for Network Marketing – What’s Next?

Just Do It!

I love the quote from Zig Ziglar: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”

Nothing happens if you don’t take action.

Are you going to be terrible in the beginning, probably, we all were.

Will you get better and better the more you do, of course?

Will it get easier if you sit around and think about doing it, absolutely not!

I hope these few tips will help jump into Live Steaming and take your Network Marketing business to the next level today.

The field is still wide open and it’s yours to grab hold of you just need to DO IT TODAY!

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