How To Use Periscope with Your MLM Business Part 2

How To Use Periscope with Your MLM Business Part 2

I wanted to do a second post on how to use the periscope app to build your MLM Business because I discovered so new things over the past few days that I thought worth sharing.

We are going into more depth on What is Periscope Twitter.

If used to it’s full potential periscope has the ability to really grow your followings and become a great tool to monetize your business.

On my last article, I just went through some basics and how to use Periscope to build your MLM business.

In this post, I want to get a little more technical on how to set things up properly to get the biggest bang for your scope.

So Let’s Get Technical on How To Use Periscope!

Initial Setup

There are only a few of things that you need to do on the initial setup of Periscope app.

First you will need to connect periscope to your twitter account.

Second you will need to enable your microphone

Third you will need to enable location which is very important.  You want your location (not your exact location) to be identified, so when people are doing map searches on the app you come up.

Basically, you should accept all prompts if you decline your audience will miss important parts of your broadcast.

Optimizing Your Profile BIO

Because your profile is searchable you need to use strategic keywords and phrases that will get you found when people do their searches.

You want to make sure that you are thinking like a marketer and presenting yourself as you want to be seen and found.

Think of your BIO as a description that you would use on a blog post or a meta description for your blog.

Build Your Following

Ways to Find New Followers

•   Invite EVERYONE in your other social networks.

•  Post on the Social Networks

•  Find the top performers, trainers and leaders in your market and start following them.

•  Follow celebrities, visionaries, thought leaders and anyone you know that influence.

The Culture of Periscope

The culture of Periscope is all about the HEARTS and the COMMENTS.

The more you can comment and especially give hearts the more you will be engaging and they will see that and wonder who you are.

Hearting is the lifeblood of the culture on Periscope.  It behoves you to become an expert at tapping!  Strive to be the top tapper on the broadcast you are watching.

You can also tap and give HEARTS on the replays…. give a little heart all the time…

If you see someone there that you would like to follow just tap on their picture or comment and it will pop up a window allowing you to view their profile and you can follow them.

I have been watching some top leaders and seeing other leaders on the scope (short for periscope broadcast) and been able to follow them.

The More You Give, the More you will Receive.

The broadcaster can see who hearts the most and comments the most.  You will gain many followers and people will also give you lots of hearts on your own broadcasts when you’re a big heart giver.How to use periscope

The people with the most hearts get listed higher in the “Most Loved” section on the search in Periscope.

So you want to give a lot of HEARTS so you will receive a lot of HEARTS!

So in conclusion you need to Engage by Hearting, Commenting and Following.

Understand that this is just another tool to build your MLM Business.  I believe that the Periscope App will become very popular and if you learn how to use it properly you will be ahead of the game.

Here’s the first Part.

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