Humility Is a Virtue, Stay Humble  – Tip #7

Don't Get High On Your Own Supply

Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply

Okay let’s get back to Ray’s 11 tips to make One Million Dollars.  Today we are talking about tip #7 “Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply” or Stay Humble!

If you do the right thing long enough and consistently enough you’re going to have success and recognition.  I believe what most people end of doing is just what Ray has warned about, Get High On Their Own Supply.

They start believing that they are all that and a bag of chips and forget where they started from, STAY HUMBLE!

Here’s a quote I love “Being humble does NOT mean being weak nor does it mean being shy or anything like that. Being humble means you know who you are and don’t need to impress or boast. It is the ULTIMATE power. When you don’t need to tell everyone how awesome you are, you become more awesome.” – Ray Higdon

It’s important to understand that getting caught up in the praises of others is just as detrimental as getting caught up in their criticism.  They both are damaging and need to be avoided.

Gratitude is the Beginning of Wisdom

Gratitude is the Beginning of Wisdom

Having a spirit of Gratitude instead of having a Huge EGO is how you become humble.  Humility is a quality that so many people in business are lacking.  Especially in Network Marketing when there is so much praise and recognition for all of your hard work.

Just remember that you would never be where you are without those around you that are on your team, your customers, your mentors, those that blazed the trail before you and your family and friends.   Gratitude will keep you humble and on the right track.

So the moral of the story is this.  Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply, Stay Humble.  Don’t keep caught up in the press about what you have done or accomplished just remember where you came from, who helped you get where you are and have an attitude of Gratitude and Humility.

I personally Thank God everyday for all that He has Given my family and All That He will continue to Bless us with.  Without Him I am Nothing.

I am very Blessed in my life with 6 children and currently 12 grandchildren.  Thank God that I have been Blessed in spite of myself.

I hope this has given you some insight and value.  Please share with your team and friends and comment below.

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