The Importance of Consistent Blogging


If you have heard how important it is to be consistent at blogging, let me tell you just how important it really is.  I started blogging consistently on December 12, 2014.  Let me show you how things have changed just since then.

Understanding that by being consistent in your blogging you WILL start getting more traffic, which is the point of internet marketing, traffic that turns into leads!

So, on the 12th of December 2014 I decided to quit playing around with this blogging thing.  I had gone through so many courses and articles on the value and benefits of blogging.

How blogging was one of the best, if not the best way to build your list, brand yourself, and make money online.  My mentor and friend Ray Higdon has built an empire on mainly blogging.  So with all the experts telling me to start blogging why wasn’t I?

Ray wrote a short blog on “Blogging Tips and Tricks” that has 3 great tips on blogging.  The third tip which is really not a trick, is to be CONSISTENT! “Creating content on a daily basis and emailing that content to your ever-growing list is the number one suggestion I have for you to start getting more traffic.”

Now I want to say that it wasn’t that I wasn’t blogging at all, sure I would write an article every couple of weeks or so.  Not Consistent!  That did nothing for me.  I had to change my habit and start my day with putting together a blog, however small.

So my journey has really begun on the 12th.  I would like to tell you that since I’ve been consistently blogging 6 to 7 days a week that miraculous things have happened.  That I have got tons of leads, my ranking has gone through the roof, and everyone now knows all about Ron Deering.

Well, that is not true, and, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to happen overnight.  I hoped to see a little movement in the first couple weeks but decided that I was not going to tie to the results, I was just going to be consistent.

I’m sure most of you have heard of the site Alexa.com.  This site ranks all the websites in the world.  It’s kinda like golf, where you want to have the lowest score you can.  For instance, Google has a rank of 1, Facebook has a rank of 2.

So I thought I would use that as an initial gauge on any changes, that and leads of course.  Here’s my score on the 12th of December – 27,312,718.

To my amazement in the just over two weeks that I have been consistent, I have received a few leads, nothing to get too excited about, but my Alexa score has gone to 6,291,118 as of today!

That’s a gain of over 20 million spots in just about two weeks.  Am I excited about that, you bet I am.  It shows something that the experts have been telling me is true.  Consistent Blogging will change how you are looked at on the internet and how you do business online.

Stay tuned for updates along the way.  I am so excited about this journey now that it has become much easier to get up every morning and start the writing process.  On the weekends, I’m going to be pre-loading blogs to save some time.

Sometimes all it takes is a small victory to get the juices flowing and things changing in incredible ways in your life.

I hope this has given someone out there some encouragement who was having some challenges with being consistent and blogging every day.

Here are two of Ray’s products that I highly recommend Make Money Blogging and Pro Blog Academy.

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