The Importance of Duplication


The Importance of Duplication

The Importance of Duplication

If I had to pick one thing that I thought was the most important thing to building a long term Network Marketing business, I would choose Duplication.  Without duplication you will always be the main cog in the wheel and when you stop so will your team.

When I first got started with Network Marketing years ago, and I do mean years ago, I thought that I had to lead by knowing everything, teaching everything, doing everything and the team would just do the same.

My teams would never grow to that size to generate walk away income.  I was working HARD all the time and it never seemed to get better.  No matter what I did I was still the one doing all the work and when I stopped my team growth and stability stop and began to dwindle.

I’m sure a lot of you, maybe even most of you have been or are in this same situation.  Well I’m here to tell you there is a BETTER way, it’s called DUPLICATION!

Things That Need To Be Duplicatable

  • Presentation Duplication
    You start your business and the first thing you think is that I have to learn the presentation and how to be the best.  You practice and practice until one day you are just incredible at giving your companies presentation.  Now no one can give a presentation like you… that’s awesome, or is it.The challenge is that anytime a meeting is set they all want you to do the presentation and there is only one of you.You need to have a presentation that is duplicatable.  How do you accomplish this?  Well one way, and what I believe is the best way is to have a push play video presentation that anyone and everyone can use.Having a system that presents with or without you is crucial.  With that type of system you can have meetings going on throughout your team and you don’t have to be everywhere.  Also anyone can hit the play button.  In this day and age of technology these presentations can be watch on everything from your TV to your PHONE!
  • Training Duplication
    This is probably one of the most critical things.  I used to spend enormous amounts of time and energy training the team.  I spent way too much time trying to be the expert on everything the company had to offer…. It ends up causing a well known syndrome called “paralysis of analysis.“The biggest challenge once again is that there is only one of you.  Solution, generate online training, use company online training, and company events.  The more you can direct your team to these tools the more true duplication will occur.It has been such a relief to start using training tools instead of feeling like I have to know and teach everything.  Duplication is where the true freedom of Network Marketing comes from.
  • Recruiting Duplication
    This is the last area that duplication plays a big part in.  You want to be able to teach your team how to recruit effectively, whether online or offline.  This is probably one of the areas that is the toughest because there are a lot of different ways to get leads and recruit new team members.Here is where I would tell you that each person is going to be a little different.  Each team member will have strengths and weaknesses that they will either use or steer away from.It’s your job as the leader to give them enough tools that they can build their success in recruiting with whatever method they feel comfortable with.  Again you want to empower your team and build leaders.  If you have built a recruiting system that takes so much technical expertise or time it WILL NOT DUPLICATE!

So at the end of the day what we really want to build is a team of leaders, not a team that is so dependent on us that we have little or NO freedom at all.  We want to make our system so duplicatable that the average person can come on board and the first thing he or she thinks is “Boy Even I can do this.”

Duplication is without a doubt one of the most important factors in building a long lasting strong team of leaders.

My Mentor, Ray Higdon, taught me to “Build the LifeStyle That I Want to Live.”  Duplication is critical in doing that!

If this has helped you or you have got value from this post please share and comment below.  Also if you are looking for more places to find more leads check out Ray Higdon’s 29 Lead Sources that is absolutely FREE.

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