The Importance of a Good System

The Importance of a good System

The Importance of a good System

I can’t stress how important a Good System is when building your business. I was working with team mates over the past weeks and it seemed like this takes a lot of time to do all the training and trying to get the team together at the same time so you can do training or presentations.  I also noticed that people were wanting me to do the presentation because I did the best job and knew so much.

I realized that I needed to get back using the great system our team already had in place instead of doing everything myself.  Here are a few of the downfalls of not having a good system.


  1. Your are not duplicatable
    One of the greatest advantages of have a good system is that you become very duplicatable.  Using a company “Push Play” video as your presentation system is great.Anyone can do it, you are limited to physically being there so long distance presentations become easier.Duplication is critical if you are wanting to build a dynasty/legacy.  If your process is so difficult that everyone feels like they can’t do it, you will NEVER have a large sustainable organization.One of the most important systems is your training system.I used to do a lot of Saturday trainings when I first got started in Network Marketing.  It was definitely another JOB, even though training and teaching are my passions, I was tied to training every saturday.As much as I ask other leaders to step up the team always seemed to want me there to answer their questions.  Once I developed a video training system that I could send all new and seasoned team members to the leash was severed.  My current upline Ray Higdon has done exactly that and it’s a life saver.All of our new team members get sent to the training web site and then if they have questions they are few and far between.  I also encourage them to use the support system that the company provides.  That’s what it’s there for!  You did not decide to build a customer support business so don’t be the customer support for your team.

    So the moral of the story is you NEED a good SYSTEM to become a duplicating machine!

  2. You are tied to everything going on in your team and this is not freedom
    Without a good system you will never have the freedom that so many of us are really looking for.  All you will have is another job that you are tied to.people fail systems dontThe ability to leave your business and KNOW that it will still continue and even grow without you can only happen if you have a good system in place.  It needs to be easy, duplicatable and available with or without you.

    Start every new team member out using your system, from the recruiting process all the way through the training process.  If you do this you will see why the experts will tell you “People Fail, Systems Don’t.”

  3. Lacks professionalism
    System just make your business more professional.  It will take your business from being just a hobby to a professional business that people will want to be a part of!

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