Income Claims and Your Income Disclosure

Income Claims and Income Disclosure

Income Claims that are being blown out of proportion are always an issue and opening your company up for legal troubles. Whenever you are talking about income claims you should have your company’s income disclosure on hand!

The best way to protect yourself is always speak the truth when it comes to income, and anything else for that matter.

It does you and your company no good to exaggerate your income to a prospect and risk legal repercussions.

 There are basically two types of income claims.

  1. Explicit
    These types of Income Claims are straightforward and clearly stated incomes above the company average.This is when you either verbally state what you are making, whether it’s true or not, or when you show someone your check, either of which are above the company average income.

    If this is done without showing them your company’s Income Disclosure Statement or directing them where to find it, leaves you open for legal issues.Rule of thumb here is whenever you are talking income claims at all be sure to have either a copy of the income disclosure or the link readily available to give your prospect.

    It just isn’t worth getting yourself or your company in legal trouble when things can be covered so easily.

  2. Implied
    These types of Income Claims are a little more subtle.  These occur when you are implying that someone is going to make better than average income or rewards.Maybe you show them your new car or tell them that you were able to leave your full-time job after 6 months.

    Things that don’t necessarily or exactly present a dollar amount but imply that they would be making or receiving things.Again if there is any doubt show them an income disclosure statement from your company to keep you and your company safe.

I know this have been short but I hope that this will help you continue to be compliant in your business and allow you to focus on the real money making tasks.

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