How To Increase Your Instagram Following with a Contest

splash screenUsing an Instagram contest to not only increase your Instagram following but get target leads is just brilliant.

I probably should have title this post The Brilliance Behind an Instagram Contest.

This past Saturday I was on a periscope with April Marie Tucker and she was doing a live demo setting up a contest that is now started.

She was explaining the power of not only using Instagram for a lead generation tool but how powerful doing contests were.

I personally had just not thought of that before using any tool much less Instagram.

So, here’s the concept behind the contest using Instagram.

The Instagram Contest

[Video] The Brilliance Behind Instagram Contest

The whole idea behind the contest is to accomplish two main things.  Get more followers and Get more likes on a certain post.

What does this do for you?  Well, these are very targeted people that can be dripped on daily and throughout the day with posts that can turn them into great leads.

This makes this tool an easy and very effective way to do lead generation.

April is called the Instagram Queen for a good reason.  She definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to social media marketing.

Here are the 3 steps she used for the current contest.

To enter the contest simply follow the 4 steps

STEP 1 – Follow @AprilMarieTucker .

STEP 2 –  Like and Tag some friends in this post. .

STEP 3 – Post a creative photo or video letting your followers know about the contest and tag it with #AMT30KCONTEST .

STEP 4 – Ask your friends to do the same and to like your image to vote for your Instagram photo.

That’s all there is to it.

Instagram ContestNow once you are in the contest you start promoting it and asking others to like your post and share it around.

Here’s my entry into this current one that April started – Click Here

Here’s what I can tell you.  Just since this started I’ve had some great increase in people following me and liking my post.

What does this mean for you?  More leads and more people to start developing that relationship with to build your business.

Now if you want to have the definitive training on Instagram then you need to watch this FREE Training by April Marie Tucker!

I can’t wait to see how this first contest works, but so far I’m pretty impressed and will definitely do this again and even start having my own.

Using the techniques and training that I get from my affiliate community MLSP for the first time I have got on the leader boards of a program.

MLSP Leader Board


So if you are really interested in building your Network Marketing business you really need to check out MLSP.

It’s an amazing system, is not an MLM, and an amazing community of leaders.

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