3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Blog EngagementWould it be great if your blog articles you received a ton of comments and shares? Today we will discuss how to increase your blog engagement.

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As you increase your engagement on your blog, you increase your authority and exposure.

Increase Your Blog Engagement – What Is It?

In a nutshell, Blog Engagement is simply having visitors leave comments, interact with others and share your post with their friends.

That’s it; engagement is interaction with your post.

I will tell you from experience that this doesn’t just happen you need to prime the pump and then be consistent and committed!

Increase Your Blog Engagement – The Tips

1.   Valuable Content to Your Market

Creating consistent, relevant content is a must if you want to get any interaction at all.

I blog typically 5-7 times a week and use the ILT Method to create my content that is relevant to my market.

When I talk about value, I mean answering the pain and challenges of your avatar.

The problem most people have is not pitching their business or product with every post.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Become the “GO TO” person in your profession, and people will, not only come back but want to share and comment.

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2.   Engage In Others In Your Niche’

Engaging with other people is a great way to get them to engage with you.

People want to create that relationship with those who engage with them

Go to Facebook groups that are within your market and comment on their posts and send them back to your blog.

Your blog should be your hub for all of your marketing in my opinion.

Go to other people’s blog and comment/share on their post.

Become an “engager” not a “lurker.”

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3.   Ask For The Engagement

Last but certainly not least, ask for the engagement!

I’m amazed how many bloggers just don’t ask for their visitors to comment or share.

People have to be invited unless you are just so compelling with your content they can’t help sharing and discussing.

Must of us aren’t!

I always ask for the comment and share at the end of every post.

You will be amazed how this will increase you blog engagement.

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BONUS – Join A Facebook Group Of Like-minded People Who Will Share and Comment.

In the video below I share with you this bonus strategy that will help get your Blog Engagement primed.

VIDEO: 3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Blog Engagement

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Blog Engagement – Summary

Increasing your engagement is something everyone desires, and I hope this has helped you.

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