Instagram Marketing Does It Really WorkYou might have noticed the recent influx of Instagram Popularity.  Does Instagram Marketing really work for building your list and business?

There are certainly rules on any social media marketing and Instagram Marketing is no exception.  Learn All Of The Instagram Marketing Secrets From The Queen!

No matter what Social Media marketing you do it’s all about building relationships and developing a rapport with your followers and friends.

The other night I was on a webinar with “The Instagram Queen – April Marie Tucker” and she just knocked it out of the park.

She also had a superstar couple Matt and April Findley who did some great training.

Instagram Marketing Know Your Limits

Here are some possible Daily Limits.

  • About 1,000 Likes
  • About 250 Comments
  • About 300 Follows
  • About 200 UnFollows

This is on a daily basis.  I find these very easy to stay under.  Unless you are spending all of your time on Instagram and doing nothing else you will probably never even come close to these limits.

It’s still good to know.

How To Bullet Proof Your Account when Instagram Marketing

  • Do – Read The Instagram Terms and Conditions
  • Do – Stay Clear of Make Money Terms and Hashtags
  • Don’t –  Post content that doesn’t serve the Instagram Community (Too many Selfies, MLM Product stuff, Income Claims…)
  • Do – Have a Profile Image
  • Do – Add 10 Images/Videos as soon as you start a new Instagram Account
  • Don’t – Post duplicate comments.

Some Tools to Use For Your Instagram Marketing

  • Instagram App for your phone.
  • Up application for your Computer. – Allows you to upload Instagram post from your computer
  • Crowdfire app and website. – Allows you to schedule and track your followers both on your phone or computer.  Web based on your computer.

Social Media Marketing is all about giving value and building relationships.  It’s not a generate leads fast or get rich fast strategy.

You need to be consistent and always adding value along with having some fun.

I just started using the Crowdfire app and website and in one day I went from 800 followers to 900 followers and 1 lead.  The benefit is the ability to preload post so I know they get done.

You can also use Crowdfire for twitter.

I’m by no means an expert in social media marketing or Instagram Marketing, but I do know some people that are and have some amazing training, April Marie Tucker.

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