Integrity in Network Marketing – The WakeUpNow Bankruptcy

Integrity in Network Marketing

Integrity in Network Marketing

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness, trustworthy. “He is known to be a man of integrity.”

This is what Integrity means and what you should be looking for in a Network Marketing Company and Leadership.

One of my major pet peeves in Network Marketing has always been the bashing of other companies that happens.  It amazes me that people feel or have been taught that the only way to promote or market their company or products is to bash others.

It’s like being in politics. It shows an incredible lack of INTEGRITY.

The owner of a company I was in a few years ago used to say two things:

  • If it isn’t true don’t SAY IT!
  • If is isn’t right don’t DO IT!

I love the part of the definition that says having strong moral principles, moral uprightness, trustworthy.  This means always doing the right thing even when no one is around to keep you honest.

So you are probably wondering why the title of this post has WakeUpNow Bankruptcy in it.  Well as I’m sure most of you have heard WakeUpNow filed for bankruptcy.

What that means is there are a lot of people out there that placed their hopes and dreams with that company and now they will have to find another vehicle to make that happen.

I see so much lack of integrity on the part of so many Network Marketers.  They become like a shark frenzy around these people pouncing on them with comments like, I told you so, or I knew that was going to happen.

Let’s have some integrity in ourselves and in our profession.  We are in the people helping people business so we should act like it and see where we can help these people.

My mentor, upline, and friend Ray Higdon did a great a great post on the WakeUpNow Bankruptcy that you should read also.

Let’s show the rest of the world that Network Marketers are a group of professionals with High Integrity, that when the chips are down for others in our profession we are there to help them, pick them up and show them that it is a better way.

They are going to be looking for a new home so let’s help them find one whether it’s our opportunity or another one that may suit them better.

To those of you who were in WakeUpNow I encourage you to look hard at the company, leadership, training and product before you look at the compensation plan.

Take your time and look for a company that meets your needs in these areas.  The compensation plan is one of the last things I would consider.  If it looks to good to be true it probably is.

Well I’m done with my rant for now…. Let’s keep this profession with the Highest of Integrity.

Please share this with your team and other Network Marketers.  Let’s all raise the perception of what and who we are as Network Marketers

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