Investing In Yourself - Ordinary and Extraordinary You ChooseIf you are not Investing In Yourself then you are missing out on the most important asset you have in life. It’s the difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary.

If you think that working on your Personal Development and Education is for the so-called Professionals you are sorely mistaken.

What would you think of a Doctor or Lawyer who didn’t continually work on getting better in their profession?

You probably wouldn’t spend much time at their office doing business with them.

Yet we think because we have a Home Business that Investing In Yourself is really not something that needs to be done.

Investing In Yourself – Ordinary Or Extraordinary You Choose

I’m going to keep this short today but I do think it’s worth having the discussion.

So many people out there think that once they decide to get into a Home Business that everything should just magically work and they really don’t have to do much.


If you are not willing to perfect your craft and develop your skill set then don’t blame anyone or anything else for your lack of success.

We are told by our leaders that all we need to do is go talk to hundreds of people and things will happen along the way.

This is true and I guess if a doctor operated on enough people he would at some point get better at it.

My love in life is teaching other how to build their business and become a better person.

To do that I’m constantly working on ME!

When I was in the Military I spent months and years training to be good at what I did.

They didn’t just send us out to combat and say I sure hope you guys make it long enough to get good.

The bottom line is the when you take the time and energy to Invest in yourself it transforms you from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary.

Investing In Yourself – Resources

If you are really going to pursue Personal Development then you need some resources that you can go to.

Here are the resources that I depend on to deliver what I need to become better:

Generating More Leads – My Lead System Pro

Blogging 3 Minute Expert

Social Media Training – MLSP

Overall Training RonDeering.com

VIDEO: Investing In Yourself – Ordinary Or Extraordinary You Choose

If you are REALLY Serious about building your brand and becoming an expert in your niche then you NEED to have Ray Higdon’s Course on Becoming the 3 Minute Expert.

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