Inviting for Success!

Inviting For Success

Inviting For Success

I want to share with you today 7 steps to inviting that will make you unstoppable.  4 Steps Invite and 3 Step SetUp that will change everything for you.

Two of the top leaders in our company, Dave Watson and Scott Ross, have come up with a 4 step invite and a 3 step setup that will make you unstoppable.

This is going to be short but powerful and I promise it will help you.  You are going to learn to tell people what to do instead of constantly asking people to do!


4 Step Invite

  1. Be In a Hurry – You can’t stay on the phone or in front of people to long, 45 seconds is the max you should be on the phone or in front of that person.  Ex.  “Hey Tim this is Ron Deering I don’t have a lot of time right now”
  2. Clear The Date – Need to clear the date for the invite.  Ex. Hey “Hey Tim what have you got going today at 5.” If Tim is busy then you say great I’ll catch you another time.  Your goal is to clear the date.
  3. Show Sincerity – Heartfelt statement at this time.  Ex. “Tim Look I’ve got something You’ve GOT To See.”  Some passion in your voice and excitement is the key.  Don’t fall for the “Hey Ron tell me a little bit about this.”  At this point just go back to step one and be in a hurry.
  4. Confirm the date – Firm things up and get off the phone or leaving the meeting.

So Here’s what it looks like:  “Hey Tim this is Ron Deering I don’t have a lot of time right now, what have you got going today at 5, nothing, great. Look I’ve got something You’ve GOT TO See.  Great so I’ll see you at 5 then. bye.”

Remember if you can’t get people in front of your presentation then you will never build your business.  Great Inviting is the key to building your business. Now on to the setup.  This happens just before the presentation.

This technique will get

  • Prospects eager to listen to your presentation
  • Be open before the Presentation begins

3 Step Setup

  1. Why – Share with them your why and why you are doing this.  The more emotionally gripping your why can be the better. You need to transition you were looking for something and you found it.
    1. Real
    2. Vulnerable
    3. Raw
  2. Big Deal, All In – This is a huge deal going all over the world, I’ve done my homework and I’m ALL IN.
  3. Don’t Care – I’m sure how this is going to impact you, you may love or you may not get it at first, All I know is you’re one of my good friends and I’m going to put this in front of a lot of people and I would like you to be one of the first.

If you use these two techniques whenever you invite and before you do any presentation I promise you will start seeing more and more success.

I hope this has given you some value and I encourage you to share this with your team and comment below.

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