Jerry Seinfeld Growth Strategy for Consistency

Jerry Seinfeld Strategy of consistency

Jerry Seinfeld Strategy of consistency

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians of all-time.

He is regarded as one of the “Top 100 Comedians of All-Time” by Comedy Central. He was also the co-creator and co-writer of Seinfeld, the long-running sitcom which has received numerous awards and was claimed to have the “Top TV Episode of All-Time” as rated by TV Guide.

Seinfeld reached his peak in earnings when he made $267 million dollars in 1998. (Yes, that was in one year. No, that’s not a typo.) A full 10 years later, in 2008, Seinfeld was still pulling in a cool $85 million per year.

My mentor, Ray Higdon, also wrote did a video on this that is worth your watch.

This is my take on his strategy coming from someone who has failed and is just now after many years getting this thing right.

In the article he tells a story of a young comedian Brad Isaac who was lucky enough to catch up with Seinfeld at a club one night and ask him if he had any tips for a young comic.

“He said the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day.”

He told him to get a big wall calendar and put an X on each day that he did the task of writing.  After a few days you’ll have a chain.  He told him his only job was not to break the chain.

The strange thing was he didn’t talk about what type of jokes, or how long to do this.  Just keep the chain going.

This is exactly what Network Marketing is all about.  Finding that task that is simple and result producing and creating a chain of consistency, doing it everyday.

For me it has become two things now, prospecting and blogging.  Are there days that I just don’t feel like doing it, of course there are, IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!

His one word of warning was this “You need to pick a task that is meaningful enough to make a difference, but simple enough that you can get it done.” 

For the Network Marketer the Jerry Seinfeld Strategy should be prospecting, whether you determine to prospect 2 a day or 20 you keep the chain going.  No matter how you feel or whether or not anyone has joined yet you just keep that chain going!

I encourage you to watch Ray’s video and to read The Full Article.

This is going to be my new method of daily operation, make an “X” and keep that chain going!

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