Top Lead Capture Expert Reveals The Secret You Need To Get More LeadsToday I want to share with you what Top Lead Capture Expert, Ray Higdon has revealed to me in his course 3-Minute Expert.

If you have a blog and want leads read this post!

One thing that Ray will tell you is his favorite way to capture leads is with his blog and that’s what he teaches in his course.

I went through his course a few months back and I can tell you it has changed my lead generation totally.

I am getting leads now every day and it just keeps getting better and better!

So the first thing you need to do is have a blog.  If you are wondering how to do that I have the perfect answer for you.

Get started with MLSP Sites which is a full blown blogging system done for you with all the flexibility, security and support you will ever need.

Lead Capture Expert Reveals – What Not To Do

  • Start blogging without a way to capture leads
  • Have a crappy opt-in form or offer

You can have a the traffic in the world but if you don’t have a way to capture leads then what’s the point.

The reason you have a blog is two-fold, generate leads and produce valuable content to your niche.

Having a good offer is the second thing that is so important.  What you don’t want to do is just ask for their info with a newsletter or some ambiguous offer.

Lead Capture Expert Reveals – What To Do

  • Create an offer that would make your target prospect toss and turn at night if they DIDN’T opt-in!
  • Have your opt-in open in a new window so you can track visitors easier.

I love the example he gave If they have a lawn what is their crabgrass.

Examples of Not So Good Opt-Ins:

  • Join my newsletter, subscribe to my newsfeed etc…
  • Enter your information to get a powerful message from me.
  • Free Gift

You are competing with everyone else and their time.

You need to tweak those emotions that address their pain and compel them to opt-in

Examples of Good Opt-Ins:

  • 7 Strategies to _______ That Work Big Time!
  • 4 Easy-Breezy lines to help you ______.
  • 14 Perfect Social Media Secrets for _______.

What can you think of?

What are things that people really desire or that people are really struggling with.

Lead Capture Expert Reveals – Techy Stuff

The one thing you have to have is an Auto-responder!

I use Aweber and highly recommend it.

Aweber makes it easy to create your list, create a form and then embed it on your blog.

For the best tracking, Ray recommends that you have your visitors click on an image that takes them to a new page for the opt-in.

It Won’t Be Perfect

  • You must be willing to roll out an imperfect site if you ever are going to
  • You SHOULD look at your site a year from now and want to totally change it
  • Version 1.0 is infinitely better than 0.0

VIDEO: Lead Capture Expert Reveals


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