Leadership: 7 Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves


I’mLeadership: 7 Questions A Leader Should Ask Themselves currently reading a great book by Author John Maxwell “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” that has a whole chapter devoted to the questions we should ask ourselves.

I thought I would share these 7 Questions with you and encourage you to get his new book and feast on all the great value that he so very graciously give to us.

If you have a desire to be a great leader these are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Leadership qualities are developed you are not born with them!What is a Leader? The Truth about Leadership

John Maxwell is one of the best teachers on leadership that I have ever read and is worth reading everything you can pick up of


 Leadership: 7 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

1.     Am I Investing In Myself? A Question of Personal Growth.

The most important investment you can make is in yourself.  You need to work harder on yourself than on your job.

Your self image is how you see yourself and only you can change that. I love what he says – “You will never be able to bet on yourself until you can believe in yourself.”

Personal Growth is one of those things that is not an option it is a MUST!

2.     Am I Genuinely Interested In Others? A Question Of Motivation.

Somebody once said “People have two reasons for doing anything— a good reason and the real reason.”

If you want to be a good leader then you’re good reason has to be your real reason.

People who lead for selfish reasons are seeking – Power, Position, Money, or Prestige.  You need to keep focus and check your motives everyday!

Three questions people ask of their leader — 
1.   Can You Help Me?
2.   Do you care for me?
3.   Can I trust You?

3.     Am I Grounded As A Leader? A Question Of Stability.

This is all about Humility.  Humility: Understanding Your Place In Light Of The Bigger Picture.

Rick Warren defines humility as this: “Humility is not denying your strengths. Humility is being honest about your weaknesses.”

Humble leaders a very comfortable with who they are and have no need to draw attention to themselves

4.     Am I Adding Value To My Team? A Question Of Teamwork.

As a Leader we should be asking ourselves everyday How Can I Make My Team Better.

We should be creating an environment of Encouragement and Support.

Identify Adversity as an opportunity to develop character.

5.     Am I Staying In My Strength Zone? A Question Of Effectiveness.

Samuel Johnson wrote: “Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display qualities he does not possess.”

The more you focus on your strengths , the better you will be positioned to see and seize opportunities as they arise.

You need to discover your talents , gifts, and strengths and then work on building on them and getting better.

6.     Am I Taking Care Of Today? A Question Of Success.

Organizing our day and getting those things done that are on our priorities is sometimes very hard.

Golda Meir said “I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.”

You can’t do everything everyday but you need to find your list of those things that are the most important to you.

Here’s John’s list and maybe it’s yours too:  Faith, Family, Relationships, Mission, and Health.

7.     Am I Investing My Time With The Right People? A Question Of ROI.

The greatest legacy any leader can leave is the other leaders he raises up before he’s finished.

This becomes a true thermometer of his leadership.

Here’s a possible list of factors you might desire in the leaders you work with:
1.   The Influence Factor — Do they influence others?
2.   The Capacity Factor — Do they have the potential to grow and develop?
3.   The Attitude Factor — Do they desire to grow and develop themselves?
4.   The Chemistry Factor — Do we like each other?

Leadership Qualities are something you will either have a desire to develop or you will end up being lead by hopefully a leader that has taken the time to develop his leadership abilities.

One of the things that we all desire in our Network Marketing Business is to build a large team and become successful.

One very important thing that we all need to do is become great leaders if we want to lead a team of great leaders.

Once again it comes down to our personal growth and how much time do we really spend on growing ourselves.

The reason I have read so many of John Maxwell Books on Leadership is because I want to know What is Good Leadership!

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