Leadpages vs. ClickFunnels for Lead Capture

What exactly are LeadPages and ClickFunnels?  If you have ever gone to a website where they have asked for you contact information, that’s called an optin page.

From there you might have gone to a sales page or many different places.  Leadpages and ClickFunnels are Lead Capture Systems to build these pages plus a lot more.

Some would call these two systems, Landing Page Builders.  However, you want to name it they are both designed to be a Lead Capture System.

Up until recently, I was using Leadpages exclusively.  It is a great program and did most of what I needed it to do.

Then I found ClickFunnels and decided to try it out and compare.  So here is my comparison.

LeadPages vs ClickFunnels

Let’s start with Leadpages and go from there.



•   Price Point is good for the value.

•  Very Easy to Use.

•  Lots of Templates.

•  Able to integrate with all the major autoresponders plus custom integration.

•  Digital Delivery

•  Exit Popups

•  Timed Popups

•  Optin, Sales, Webinar, Upsell, Thank You, Launch, Pre-Cart and Other Pages with templates.

•  A/B Split Tests

•  Statistics

•  Leadboxes. – These are a simple capture box that you can attach to a text link or image.

•  LeadLinks – These are the links to a leadbox or lead page embedded in your email that you send out from your autoresponder system.

•  LeadDigits – This is a mobile add-on that allows you to capture leads on your mobile device.

I have the pro account which also allows you to have sub-accounts which are very helpful if you are working with clients and want to keep things separate and give them their login.

The pro version is $60/month, and for that, you get unlimited landing pages.  Now for the Cons.


•  Templates are all pre-designed – Because the templates are pre-designed, you can only change what is already there.

•  All of you pages are independent – If you want to create a full multi-page funnel, you have to create each page and then figure out how to connect them and make sure they track everything.

•  No Membership Templates – If you want to create a membership site that is tied to your funnel you would have to create that separately.

•  No specific Evergreen Webinar templates

So there you have what I know of Leadpages and what I believe are its Pros and Cons.

Now let’s look at ClickFunnels



•  Completely customizable

•  Complete Sales Funnels

•  Membership Sites

•  Integrates with all the top autoresponder systems

•  Optin, Sales, Webinar, Auto Webinar, Membership, Launch and Custom Funnels

•  Great training

•  Integrated Funnels

•  A/B Split Testing

•  Digital Delivery

•  Statistics

 There are a lot more features that I will show you in a graphic below that compares the two systems.


•  Only integrate one autoresponder or webinar system per page

•  No popup or exit capabilities

The package I have is $97/month for all of the capabilities.

Below is a comparison chart between the two systems.

So at the end of the day, it all depends on what you are trying to do.  I have found that they each have excellent points and they both have some cons.

The good news is that they are both adding capabilities every month and getting better and better.

For the newbie, I would recommend LeadPages, but for the intermediate and advanced marketer, I would recommend ClickFunnels.

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