Why You Should Learn To Market Online In Network MarketingI’m amazed at how many people I talked to that don’t understand why they should Learn To Market Online for the Network Marketing Business.

If you have noticed the last half of the term Network Marketing is MARKETING!

So, why are so many people not even attempting to learn online marketing?

When I first started in Network Marketing many years ago, we only had one option prospecting in the highways and byways.

Why You Should Learn To Market Online In Network Marketing

In fact, when I first started to learn about online marketing I the company I worked with discouraged me from using it.

Companies became concerned online marketing and were unable to monitor their reps.

Because most of the companies only knew the old way of building your business it took a long time to change the mentality of most Network Marketing organizations and leaders.

Some companies still discourage their reps from using anything except their website and prospecting the old way.

So, what’s the answer?

Why You Should Learn To Market Online In Network Marketing – The Answer

The answer is simple you need to do both.

Marketing is all about attracting the right customers and business partners.

Most people who are in Network Marketing and using Social Media to market are just spamming everywhere.

They weren’t taught about Attraction Marketing or how to market properly to gather quality leads online.

Our market today is World Wide and if you are going to be a leader you have to treat it as such.

Learning Attraction Marketing, in my opinion, is a most!

So, the bottom line is if you are going to build a World Wide Organization in today’s market you need to learn online marketing.

I still believe you need to be doing both with a greater focus on online marketing.

If you are one of those, die hard offline marketers that are fine.

Here’s what I will tell you, though.

DO NOT force that on your team!

If you have people on your team that wants to learn real marketing and build their team using Attraction Marketing encourage them.

Why You Should Learn To Market Online In Network Marketing – Summary

In conclusion, if you were wondering if you should take on learning online marketing I hope you know now how important it is.

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