List Building Tools That Every Online Marketer NeedsIf you are wondering what List Building Tools you need to build your business online and start to generate quality, targeted leads daily.

Since I started taking my online marketing seriously, I realized increasing my list was the highest priority.

Without a list to communicate with you are flapping in the wind.

I don’t know any successful online marketer that doesn’t have a valuable list whether large or small.

List Building Tools That Every Online Marketer Needs

The two sayings that I kept hearing were:

The Money Is In The List & The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

Makes perfect sense, right?

Here’s the challenge, it’s a lot harder making that fortune with the follow-up if you don’t have a list!  🙂

So, every online marketer’s primary goal should be two-fold, add value to your market and BUILD YOUR LIST!

List Building Tools That Every Online Marketer Needs – The Tools

1.   A Secure, Fast, And Reliable BLOG

It is my humble opinion that this is a must if you are going to market online.

Having a stable, secure blog as your marketing hub is the only way to go.

I learned this the hard way by trying to cut costs and then having my blog hacked, slow and unreliable.

Your blog should be your hub and hold most if not all of your content.

You own your blog, and you control it.  With the Social Media platforms, you don’t have that luxury.

You are probably asking yourself at this point where can I get a blogging platform that won’t break the bank?

Well here’s your solution – MLSP Sites!

Check this out, and I’m confident you will agree.

2.   Place to Keep and Communicate With Your List – Autoresponder

You are going to need somewhere to collect your leads and communicate with them.

Typically this is called an Autoresponder.

To start out with I would recommend Aweber.

You need to start building a relationship with your list which is your follow-up and fortune.

Some leaders email their list daily and others less often.  I recommend somewhere between daily and 2-3 times a week.

The system I use is Actionetics, and I love it.

Actionetics allow you to collect your leads, communicate with your leads and manage your leads.

3.   Funnel Creation Sofware

What you need to build your list is a Lead Magnet.

A Lead Magnet is something that entices your visitors to exchange their information for something of value.

Your Lead Magnet could be a FREE PDF, Training Video, Audio or anything of value for your market.

Creating a funnel to your Lead Magnet is by far the best way to capture your leads and begin your relationship.

There are a lot of Funnel Creation software systems out there but only two that I would recommend at this point.

They are  MLSP’s Funnelizer and ClickFunnels.

You can look at them both and make the decision that works for you and your level of expertise and your budget.

I use ClickFunnels but love them both.

4.   Consistent Valuable Content

Last but certainly not least is your content.

Here is where most marketers struggle and I was no exception.

It wasn’t until I went through Ray Higdon’s 3-Minute Expert Course that I learned what and how to generate content.

Learning about ILT was a turning point for me and my content struggles.

List Building Tools That Every Online Marketer Needs – Summary

In conclusion, if you are serious about building your business using online marketing then you need these tools in your arsenal.

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