The Secret Way To Maintain Posture When ProspectingOne of the most important things you can learn when it comes to prospecting is how to Maintain Posture with your prospect at all times.

I was listening to a podcast from my mentor and friend, Ray Higdon, 3 Minute Expert Author, this morning and he was talking about Posture when prospecting.

He gave some great examples and ways on maintaining your posture when dealing with Prospects that want to take if from you.

Have you ever been out prospecting and half way through the process you feel like the are handling you?

That’s called losing your posture.

The Secret Way To Maintain Posture When Prospecting

Here’s an example.

You are talking to a potential recruit, and the first thing they do is give you their resume and ask why they should join you.

Ever have that happen before.

Well, I sure have.

In the old days, I would start spouting off all the reasons that they should be a part of my team.

All I was doing was giving up my control and posture!

There talking as though they were the prize and you were the one trying to win the Grand Prize.

The wrong posture to have!

You need to know that you are the prize, and people need to qualify to be a part of your team, not the other way around.

They need to feel that they have to fight to get on the winning team.

Here’s my response now if a prospect takes that position.

So answer me this Mr/Mrs. Prospect why exactly are you on this call with me?

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VIDEO: The Secret Way To Maintain Posture When Prospecting


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