Marketing Training: What You Measure You Can ImproveOne thing I’ve learned about Marketing Training is What You Measure You Can Improve.  The inverse is also true, What you don’t measure you can’t improve.

When we think about measuring we think about things like baking, building and maybe doing landscape work.

A big part of building our Network Marketing business is marketing and generating leads.

You’ve always thought about measuring probably in your life that you go out and you measure things.

You measure for baking and for cooking and for building and landscaping and architecture and things like that.

Marketing Training: What You Measure You Can Improve

Sometimes we don’t realize that we need to measure on a regular basis, on a daily basis, our marketing that we’re doing and our training that we’re doing and our growth and our personal growth that we’re doing, because if we aren’t’ measuring it we can’t improve it.

I always think of the example that one of the biggest things that people in network marketing thrive for is recognition and those accolades and walking across the stage and so forth.

If you don’t measure that stuff, you don’t have contests where you can measure the peoples’ growth, you can measure their distance to travel along this journey, there’s no way to improve it.

There’s no way to give them an incentive. There’s no way to make things better. Just like that in your marketing, you have to measure things.

You have to measure the results of what’s being done. You need to measure the results of your prospecting in your business. You need to measure the results of the training in your business.

You need to measure the results of your marketing in your business.

If you put an ad out, you need to measure what the results are. How many people are clicking on it? How many people are opting in? How many people are going from there to becoming customers or recruits and so forth?

You need to measure everything that you’ve got, because, as you see, as you measure things they go up. They improve. They get better, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

We can help a lot more people in life if we take the time to measure what we’re doing and then make those tweaks, make those adjustments, make those course corrections along the way to make things better.

Marketing Training: What You Measure You Can Improve – Illustration

I’ll leave you with this analogy or this story.

I’m a pilot and I’ve flown for many years. I haven’t flown a lot in the recent years with all the new GPS Systems.

When I started flying there wasn’t as much electronics and GPS and all those things going on, so you had to take course measurements all along your route. You were always checking to see where you were, and you were making changes along the way.

The wind would come into play, all kinds of different things, different forces on the plane, and so forth.

You had to continually check because if you didn’t you might start off in Detroit wanting to go to Chicago and end up in Nashville, Tennessee.

You needed to keep measuring and taking those measurements along the way and then making those course corrections and making those changes so that your flight would be on target, you would arrive at the right destination, and that you would have a great experience in doing that.

I hope this has been something that you will look at and understand that what you can measure you can track, and anything that you do in your business you need to measure so that you can improve it.

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