Marketing VS Prospecting Understanding The DifferenceUnderstanding the difference between Marketing VS Prospecting will help you decide how much time you want to spend doing each of these tasks.

I used to think that if you were in a Network Marketing business, then you had to prospect everyone.

Boy, was I wrong!

I thought that Marketing was reserved for the big guys and us little guys had to go out in the trenches.

Marketing VS Prospecting Understanding The Difference

Okay, so what’s the big difference between these two then?

Prospecting –

Prospecting is the Active side of Marketing.

As a prospector, you become the hunter.

When you are out there prospecting, you are actively pursuing your customers and business partners.

You are out there actively meeting, calling, following up and building relationships.

You are always on the prowl for that next great prospect.

Marketing –

Marketing is where you become the hunted.

When you are marketing, you are providing value to your marketplace, so prospects reach out to you.

Marketing is very passive because you are putting out the bait waiting for the exact fish to bite.

You determine what fish you will get with the bait you chose to use.

Then it’s a just a waiting game, but your prospects hunt you down, so they are much more targeted and qualified.

Marketing VS Prospecting Understanding The Difference – Video

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