Recruiting Tips: Marry the Process, Divorce the Results

So what exactly do I mean by “Marry The Process, Divorce The Results.”
Well, let me start by giving some credits here to where I heard this statement.

My upline and mentor Ray Higdon does a daily podcast answering questions that people tweet him on twitter. A few months ago someone ask him about overcoming outcome addiction.

Divorcing Yourself from the Results

So here are points concerning the idea of detaching yourself from the results.  Like most people, we are taught at a very young age to look to the results of everything we do…

  • Study hard to get good grades
  • Go to college to get a good job
  • behave in public so you are socially accepted
  • You have to prospect for your business so it will grow
  • set goals and strive to achieve the results

These are just a very few of the things in our lives that we strive for to get some result.  And what happens when we don’t get the result we were expecting or wanting….. We are depressed and start thinking that we are a failure.

If on the other hand we are focusing on the process, the journey, then we will not be affected by the result but continue to refine the process and get excited along the way because it really is a journey.

To quote the very overdone cliche’ “It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Journey,” is so very true.  So change your focus and start enjoy the journey. Once you change where your focus is you will start looking at prospects and team members in a whole new way.

Instead of them being your next meal, they will become people on your journey with you, that may or may not be taking the whole trip with you but just enhancing your journey at that particular point in your journey or process.

So, remember to Marry the Process, and Divorce Yourself from the Results.  Don’t let the outcome drive what you do.  Enjoy the journey learning along the way and the results will be amazing!

Let the Recruiting Process become a fun and enjoyable part of your business building.

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