Mindset Performance Cycle

Mindset Performance Cycle

Mindset Performance Cycle

Mindset Performance Cycle is such an important part of our personal growth that it can’t be stressed enough.  Without the proper mindset you will never have the success you really deserve!

You see I can say that because I have gone through the bad mindset phases in my life.  Recently I had major Neck Surgery, 2 weeks ago.

When I first got out of the surgery I was in pain and to be honest very concerned how this was going to progress.

On day 3 I was totally off the pain meds and back putting out content doing what I could do within my limitations.

I attribute this to first, God! and then Him giving me the ability to get my mindset back on track and getting back into the game.

Mindset Performance Loop

I really love the diagram above laying out the mindset performance loop.

  1. Mindset – This is the start of the loop, without the proper mindset the loop is running but it’s going in a bad circle.
    You need to get have positive affirmations.You need to rid your life of the negative influences that destroy a great mindset.Start each and everyday with some positive affirmations, and a determination to keep positive thoughts on your mind throughout your day.  Proper Mindset is Critical!
  2. Attitude – When you have the proper mindset to start your loop the next thing is your attitude.  Having a positive mindset will insure that you will have a positive mental Attitude!These two things go hand in hand, bad mindset = bad attitude!  I’m sure you’ve all heard the quote “Your Attitude determines your Altitude.
  3. Behavior – So now we’ve got the right mindset, a great attitude and behavior that reflects these.  Again these all tie together.  The right mindset with a great attitude will reflect to others in an incredible behavior.You will be amazed at how many people will just come up to you and comment on your positive and outgoing behavior.  What’s on the inside will work it’s way out to your behavior.
  4. Actions – So now that we’ve got 1 through 3 going the next step is action.  Action in our lives becomes much easier when the first three steps are working and positive.Not to mention that it’s easier, it’s also much more effective action.  The action you take when your mindset is proper will give you better results, which takes us to point 5.
  5. Results – Now comes your results.  This is what we are all looking for.  Once 1 -4 are working the results will come and they will be great results.This doesn’t happen over night, but I promise you as all of this becomes a habit and second nature to you, you will be amazed.
  6. Performance – Last step in the cycle is your performance.  This will continue to get better and better as you perfect the steps above.  Your performance will increase as your mindset gets better and moves around the cycle.

I hope this illustration of the Mindset Performance Cycle has given you some value.  Please share with your team and please let me know your thoughts below.

Ray Higdon has a great product on mindset that I would certainly reccommend.

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