MLM Integrity: Does Your MLM Business Stand on it's own?MLM Integrity that’s really the question, does your MLM Business Stand On its Own or do you feel like you have to bash other Network Marketing companies to build yours up?

Learn how to build your MLM Business and have MLM Integrity using Attraction Marketing, not Bashing Marketing.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately on facebook, bashing the way other Network Marketing companies are doing business.

In fact just the other day an unnamed individual approached me with their MLM business opportunity.

When I thanked them and let them know that I was already in a business and that I was very happy that they had found a fit for them and wished them the best, it started.

I was told that they had heard of my company and my comp plan couldn’t hold a candle to theirs.  They continued to bash my company to build theirs up until a few seconds into the bashing I stopped them.

Typically I would let them know that my time was precious and I didn’t have time for a nonproductive debate and be on my way.

But, that day I was feeling a little full of myself so I decided to address this one.  🙂

So I asked this individual what the merits of their company were outside of bashing other companies.  Did their company have any redeeming value on its own or was their whole marketing strategy built on tearing down other people’s business.

Without an answer, they immediately retreated and have never approached me again.

My whole point of that conversation was to teach them that trying to beat up on someone else’s business that they have chosen to build is not only a terrible marketing strategy, it is a black eye to our profession.

It’s really all about having MLM Integrity in fact just plain INTEGRITY in life and in your MLM Business.

MLM Integrity Is Building Your Business With The Highest Standard!

The challenge with this kind of marketing is there will always be greener grass on the other side of the fence…it still has to be mowed.

Keep your MLM Integrity intact and this profession in the best light by just not doing this kind of marketing or prospecting.

People have chosen a business to build and it’s based on a lot of things, value, the product, the team, relationship, and more. Our profession is just that a profession and needs to be treated like that.

If you take the time to let people know the value of your own company and it’s products that should be great, add to that what you bring to the table with integrity, honesty and a relationship you will have a winning combination.



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So with this short rant, let’s all try to STOP the tearing down of other companies and team and start being professional and build our business on it’s merit, value and who you are.

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