MLM Lead Generation- How To Create A Great Lead MagnetMLM Lead Generation is a subject that is talked about but very few people understand it.

Mark Harbert’s List Building Bootcamp course is a great asset.

I was going through his first module the other day and thought I would share with you some of the highlights.

This is in no way all of the great value that Mark brings in this course but hopefully, it will wet your appetite for the learning more.

The course is comprised of 4 modules that are packed full of great list building tips, tricks, and value.

MLM Lead Generation Major Fallacy

Everyone out there is your potential prospect!

How many of you have been told this before?  We are lead to believe that everyone we come in contact with is a potential prospect, customer or recruit for our MLM Business.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t talk to people that you meet, but you need to understand that everyone is not your potential prospect.

MLM Lead Generation – What Is It?

To quote Mark:

The process whereby you find people through effective marketing that are interested in a specific topic, product or service that you provide.  You then collect their contact information usually an email address or phone number of both.

MLM Lead Generation Process

  1. Traffic – Must be target traffic, to a targeted offer.
  2. Capture Page – Must be congruent to the traffic you’re sending to it.
  3. Follow Up – The Fortune is in the Follow Up.
  4. Sale/Recruit  

MLM Lead Generation – Who Is Your Target Market?

You need to determine who your target market is.  You need to ask yourself some questions to determine this.

  • What challenges/problems do YOU solve with your product or service?
  • What are your prospects goals, wants, and desires?
  • What are their challenges?
  • How does your product or service fix their challenges?

MLM Lead Generation – Attraction Marketing

Mark’s great definition of attraction marketing:

The art of positioning yourself as an expert in a specific area or skill set that others find valuable.  Therefore, because you are found to know these skills that other desire to know, you become the one that others want to be around and learn from.

MLM Lead Generation – The Lead Magnet

An irresistible “Lead Bait” that gives value (a piece of the overall pie) to the prospect in exchange for their contact information which is usually their email address and sometimes their phone number.

Basically, a Lead Magnet is something that entices your prospect to give you their information in exchange for something of value that addresses their pain or challenges.

Your Lead Magnet 3-Step Formula:

  • Target Market Specific
  • High Value, usable, and easy to consume
  • Pre-frames them for your paid offer

Crafting Your Lead Magnet

  • Be Specific – Never be unclear!
  • Magic Pill – Make a big and high-value point they can take and get results with fast.
  • End Result – You want it to speak to their desired results.
  • Immediate Gratification – Give them something they can use RIGHT NOW!  Avoid long drawn out lead magnets.
  • Pre-Frame – A good lead magnet will Pre-frame your prospect to seek out more information from you.
  • High Value – A free offer shouldn’t be cheap.  It should give them something they can use.  Perceived value is important as well.  Make it look professional.
  • Consume Quickly  – Create something your prospects can consume fast.  Avoid large video style boot camps or E-books that take forever to read.
  • Stand Alone Value – Yor lead magnet should have value all on its own.  Remember this is your first impression for your prospect, so you want it to be good.

What Format Should Your Lead Magnet Be?

  • Report or Guide (PDF Download)
  • Cheat Sheet or Worksheet ( PDF Download)
  • Resource List
  • Video Training
  • Audio Training

Compelling Titles

  • How to Get Your First 500 Leads Online In 60 Days or Less
  • How to Rank YouTube Videos on The First Page of Google in 60 Minutes or Less For Limitless Traffic, Leads and Sales.
  • How To Recruit 3 People Per Week, Every Week For a Full Year With Total Ease and Without Rejection.
  • The 30+ Lead Per Day Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet For More Reps and More Money In The Next 90 Days.

Make sure you are not lying about what you are giving away. Base your magnet on successes you have had and what you can do.

This is just a summary of Mark’s incredible training and you really need to get his full course, List Building Bootcamp and start getting the leads and success you deserve.

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